Monday, June 4, 2012

Party Boat!

I had the best weekend since my wedding, my Marine buddy Vlad rode his bike up from Camp Pendelton and I wanted to show get out and have some fun. We went fishing on a party charter, made fish tacos, kayak bass fished a private pond with Yakhopper and smoked frogs legs for the first time. I am going to share about most of it but it will take at least 3 posts to do it. It is overwhelming just thinking about all of it.

So first with the party boat, my buddy the Marine and a Corpsman in the Navy I work with packed up and headed out at 0345 in the morning headed south on CA-41 to Avail beach to catch a 0600 departure this was the first time either had been fishing in the ocean and the first time my Corpsman friend had ever been fishing. In the rush I forgot my camera so all the pictures today are off my buddies smart phone. I headed out there not really knowing what to use So I brought a few jigs I made and a few rock cod rigs. If you have never been on a party boat this is how it works. You go aboard a boat with a bunch of people, they cruise out to a spot that should hold fish, a crew member tells everyone when they can fish and how deep the fish are and you are standing shoulder to shoulder hopefully catching fish. They tell you keep your line taunt, it keeps you from hanging up and helps you detect the bite, very few do this. If you let you line go slack you end up tangling up with other peoples line, loosing bait and loosing rigs, most people seem to like that method. The first fish I saw brought up was by my marine buddy, a nice little Gopher fish, his first ocean fish.

Gopher Fish
 A short time later my Corpsman friend caught his first fish ever, another undersized Ling cod! The next fish caught was by Vlad, a Tree Fish. Not much like the Northern Pine Branches  I have caught in the past,  if I could name it it would be called the lipstick wearing Zebra fish.
Tree Fish
My first fish came off a jig I made out of Flashabou and tipped with a 5 inch Thug grub from Stankx baits. 
Homemade jig and with a Thug Grub
 First fish was a short ling (first Ling ever), it was shook off way before I could get a pic, a few drops later and I had my first keeper Ling cod. Next drop I lost the lure in a reef, then I got a Chocolate Rockfish on a 9 inch swimbait and a Gopher fish on a 7 inch white swimbait with a 5oz head.
Limit of Ling Cod
 I lost all my heavy jigs and the sea started getting rougher so I cold not even feel the bottom any more so I switched to Rock Cod rig with a squid strip on the lower hook and a swim jig on the upper hook, I caught 4 Gopher Fish in a row alternately on the squid and the swimbaits. I gave it a good rip on the drop and had a massive strike, took me a few minutes to reel up the keeper Ling on the other end of the line. I dropped down again and caught one more fish a Black Rockfish before breaking off on the reef. Then the crew came over the speaker and announced we were heading back.    
I tried to hold all of them but couldn't do it
As we came back in the waves got worse but the sun finally burned through the fog that surrounded us all day long. We headed back in, 2 Ling Cod and 14 Rockfish between the 3 of us. Vlad's first salt water fish and John's (the Corpsman) first fish ever. It looked almost too good to go home but I knew we had to get back because I knew what was going to happen.
Avail Beach
Grilled Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa and Sour Cream

Thanks for reading, there is more to come. 


  1. Honestly, you have to very brave and very prepared when fishing for Rock Cods and Ling Cods because the best condition to do so is during an incoming high tide with little or no current. They are attracted to the flashes of live bait and its odor. Using squid is a good idea!

    Melanie Daryl

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