Monday, June 25, 2012

Tough Time on the River

Had the pleasure of fishing with a new friend I met off central Coast Kayak Fishing  and a friend of his friend Mike on Sunday. I decided to hit the river and see if the fishing has stabilized. Well short report: No.

Got out on the water by 0630, it was at the top of the bank and flowing much faster then it was during the winter, most spots had about a foot of visibility. I know it all sounds good so far, so here is the kicker with the 100 plus degree days we have been having the water temp was 60 Fahrenheit! Most people I talked to were skunked or had caught one dink LMB.

We paddled up current and against the wind about 4 miles, it was a nice day to go out but it was not as good as it had been before they released the water down stream. I missed 2 and even got one to the edge of the boat just to flip off before I could make a gab for him.

Derrick got the only fish.
Derrick with the fish of the day
On the way back I almost got run over by a jet ski and there were 2 kids in a v hull shooting guns a little too close to me for my comfort, I got back to the landing and found it full of day campers and kids. I miss fishing during the weekdays, this 9-5 job has it's down sides for sure. Derrick and Mike, you guys are hardcore to make it all the way up river to me with a 45 minute lead, I'd fish with you guys any day.

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