Saturday, July 28, 2012

Can't Wait Until Fall

Never had olive trees back in Illinois, since I am here in California I should take advantage of it. After reading a bunch of blogs and recipes I am going to try Water Curing a batch of green olives and a few months later Oil Cure olives from the same trees once they ripen.
Thank you Hank Shaw for the inspiration from your blog , maybe I can inspire someone the same way.

The olive trees right outside my work have been growing well, they get watered with the grass every other day and don't show any signs of bugs. I figure they should be ready for water curing by late August or Early September. November or December they should be ripe and black perfect for Oil Curing.

Time for you to start scouting for olive trees near you :D

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  1. What part of CA did you move too? I grew up in San Diego.

    1. I'm living in the Central Valley near Fresno.


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