Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fishing Eastman Lake With Big Ed, 29 July 2012

Ed of and LBS Tackle was kind enough to take me out on his nice bass boat out to Eastman Lake in Fresno county, California. Pretty sweet day on the water, some top water action but a majority of the bites came between 5 and 15 feet of water off rocks near drop-offs on brown and purple jigs.

Here are the picks from the day.
Ed with his first photo worthy bass of the day, caught on a Mud Candy LBS Jig
The water level was way down, lots of mud lines flowing off islands that used to be sunken
Ed steering us towards the fish
Love those casts when you know there is a fish next to a rock, it just felt right
My first photo worthy fish of the day a 2.5lb Largemouth 
Ed showing off his fish, both weighed exactly 4 lbs 2oz
Had a great day on the water, only would change two things:
1) I would not have thrown the swim-bait with my Abu Garcia Vendetta, broke the thing in 3 pieces
2) I would have worn sun block, feeling a little hot from the burn right now

Had a great day on the water, with some great company. It was great getting out there and I need to get out there sometime again. It is nice to see a public lake in California with a 22 inch one fish limit, a real chance to grow some monsters, we saw a few but they seemed more interested in stalking our baits than eating them. Hopefully next time.

Check out Ed's Site 
and his Tackle store LBS Tackle 

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  1. great day, great company, great fish

    1. It was fun, the sunburn around my neck rubbing on my collared shirt at work... Not so fun.

  2. Looks like you had a most excellent day!

    1. It was an excelent day, thanks for reading adn commenting.

  3. Great looking bass. Did your vendetta break in three pieces? I have a friend who bought two vendettas and broke them as well. seems like they're not the toughest rods out there.

    1. 3 pieces indeed, though I have heard if it breaks into more than 2 peieces it is a sign that the rod was max stressed and it was not a flaw in the blamk.


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