Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kayak Fishing Big Sur

Got to hit up Big Sur with Derrick and another forum NCKA member Andy, started off in a small camping spot in Morro Bay to give us a head start. 

Derrick in the camp site
We got started at 4AM and headed up the coast to Big Sur, ever since I read "Big Sur" by Jack Kerouac while on the 2006 Enterprise deployment I have thought of the place and it did not disappoint.  It is beautiful, rugged, untamed and wild, a true grand way to end a continent.
Big Sur
We got out into the surf and started fishing, Derrick was first to hook up to a rock fish followed by Andy, I thought I had my first ocean fish out of a kayak and I reeled in... A starfish...

My First Kayak Starfish
Derrick hooked into a nice keeper Ling.
Derrick's Ling Cod
Ready for the Frying Pan
I switched to a Rock Cod rig with squid and pulled up this Blue Rock Fish on the first drop.
Caught a bunch of fish on squid until I found a few that threw up baby Octopus and I pulled up a bunch more.
Brown Rock Fish
I also managed to pull up a nice Cabazon around 4lbs.
Andy got a nice Rock fish off his jig
Andy's nice Rock Fish
One of the things I dislike about my camera is it does not have the lens wiper built in, so I get pictures like this.
Kelp Green Ling and a water drop over my face
Ended up taking some waves over the bow of my kayak as the wind picked up, I think when I went into the front hatch I didn't strap it down tight enough and water started flooding in. I started having trouble paddling in, I stopped for a second to talk with Andy and a wave hit me from the left tipping me right, I leaned left and flipped over. I was tired from paddling (didn't realize how much water was in the kayak) I couldn't pull myself up so Andy helped me back in. Lost a rod (with part of the Scotty rod leash attached), my tackle box, all the baits I poured, all my jigs, a bottle of Pro Cure and my hook remover.

On the landing somehow I made it in without wiping out, when I went to drag the kayak up the beach I thought I was just tired, but it was full of water! I estimate around 40 to 50 gallons. It was almost full, thank god I made it, I have to thank Andy again for being there to motivate and help me through it. Flipping the kayak over on a lake or in a pool is a whole lot different than doing it in 5ft swells and wind after a day of fishing and 45 minutes of hard paddling.

After all of that When I went to help Andy land a wave knocked me off my feet and pulled my new glasses off my face. I had to drive back to Hanford, Ca with my sunglasses in the dark. After all of that I have a new appreciation for things and respect for the ocean and what people can do to help a fellow human out. I will always remember this trip.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip overall, although sorry to hear about the spill and the glasses. I need to do more saltwater fishing!

  2. Thanks Drew, definite lessons learned here. Thanks for reading and commenting. :D

  3. Wow...close calls out there, Dan. Glad to hear it all turned out OK though, it does really suck you lost all that equipment. I can honestly say I know what it's like to lose a bunch of gear when your watercraft tips/sinks

  4. Blah I hate wiping out in the yak. Glad you're alright. May I ask what the starfish hit? I can safely say I've yet to catch one from the yak haha.

    1. Thanks Alex, I snagged it on a red 4oz Iron vertical Jig.

  5. Nice photo shop skills. You forgot to mention my stupid tube they caught a lot of

    1. Thanks Andy, stupid tube doesn't catch anything...

  6. It sounds scary, but it also sounds exciting! glad you survived to blog another day!


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