Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pouring a Plaster of Paris Swim-bait Mold, Trial and Error.

Since Plaster of Paris is a lot cheaper than RTV Type III I figured I would make a new mold with the baits I think I would use most so I could pour bigger batches if I had to. I tried to hot glue the baits to the cookie sheet I was using to cast it on and well, it was an epic fail. I had to scrap the project, and save my baits by washing them off with water. To add insult to injury I didn't realize I did not have the SD card in my camera so I don't have the pictures I thought I took.

So seeing as I was going to have to scrap the project I decided to try to get something out of the pool of Plaster I had so I just pressed the baits into the top of the pool. Turned out alright, next move will be to spray the mold with a sealant to give them a glossier look and help the durability of the mold.
Plaster of Paris Lure mold
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  1. Dan I think the gloss is good for several reasons, anything to add a bit of shine to the bait is good, and the tighter the surface, the less damage the bait will endure when those rockfish start ripping and tearing with those big teeth..

    I fished on Saturday and Sunday.. ended up with a really nice Ling Cod on Sat.. it was 32 inches, most likely 10 pounds plus, sunday was spent halibut fishing for nadda.. but still a beautiful day on the water..


  2. Derrick and I are hitting the water on Sunday morning, maybe leffingham. Let me know if you can get out or know a better spot.



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