Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taking My Daughter Fishing

Jig'n along the Kings River in Lemoore, Ca
My wife and I have not been able to have children of our own, so after a lot of thought we applied to become foster parents. Things went really quick, I went from being married without children to having 3 teen-aged daughters. My wife and I are trying our best to keep the girls involved and interested in wholesome activities. Fishing and canoeing quickly come to mind. We got the first of the 3 a week early so as a reward we took her out in the canoe out on the Kings, she took a ton of pictures and had a blast
Taught her how to paddle a canoe, cast a spinning reel and learn how to use jigs and inline spinner baits.

The water is still way high and cold, not many people are catching anything. I susspect that will change once they stop the water coming down.

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  1. now where the hell is the like button on Blogger? Congrats big Daddy!

    1. Thanks, you just need to type out "Blake Hamilton "likes" this. :D

  2. Nick@BrookFieldAngler "likes" this! Twice

  3. This is great! Congrats on the growing family! and great job teaching her how to fish! Sounds like one of the best parts of parenting! :)


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