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Cayucos Kayak Fishing, 18 August 2012

I woke up with the alarm buzzing at 3:25AM sliding out of bed slowly to avoid stepping on a kitten, dog or disturbing my wife. I made my way out the front door into the rain, I could tell it had just started to rain. The two kayaks were already loaded in the truck along with the rest of my gear, with all this planning I still forgot my GPS unit, a Towel and my dry bags. There was little traffic as I drove down rt 41 to 43 to the 1 and into Cayucos. My buddy Jeff was there waiting to receive his kayak, he let a friend borrow it last weekend and I helped him out by picking it up from Fresno so we could get out on the water.
I arrived and there the sun was coming up and patches of colored sky peered through the cloud cover, as we got our boats ready an staged them on the beach another CCFK member Will showed up.
The surf was light and pretty predictable, all three of us got into the water without dumping. The weather was awesome, I can't believe I planned this trip with Jeff 2 weeks ago and the weather cooperated, that about never happens.
We started paddling out towards the buoy looking for marks on the fish finders when Jeff started having problems with his kayak. His kayak started feeling tipsy, hard to turn and sluggish, he popped open his hatch and saw he was taking in water. He turned back to see if he could fix the problem, Will and I fished where we were and watched him as he went in. After a while we assumed he was safe and moved out a little.

I saw a nice spot on my graph and dropped my line when I hear Will say "He is no in his boat anymore"
I assume that means he is on the beach but as I turn to look his direction I see him in the water, boat over turned and he screams my name. We got over there and found he had so much water in his kayak it couldn't hold his weight, thank God Will had a bucket. After several minutes of bailing Jeff was back on his way in. He was about at the pier when he started having trouble and flipped again, we flipped him and I gave him a few good pushes into shore. There were quite a few fishermen on the pier and a lot of people on the beach, enjoying the free show. He got in safely.
(Photo taken from Jeff's Facebook)
Once he got on the beach he found the culprit, the o-ring that seals the hatch on his 2005 Ocean Kayak was pinched. 

Update 19 Aug 2012: Jeff called me, his right side seat well scupper hole was damaged, it explains a lot including why it did not fill as fast the second time when he had scupper plugs in it. 
(Photo taken from Jeff's Facebook)
While Jeff was back on the beach Will and I were out fishing kelp beds. Will got the first fish, a Black and Yellow Rockfish, when he was grabbing his stringer the fish flopped out. I finally picked one up fishing a small kelp patch, a small Black and Yellow. I was taking a picture of it while jigging my Rockcod rig and got a good hit, happily I pulled up a nice Quillback.

Just started hopping kelp bed to kelp bed, Will picked up another fish on his "Fish Trap" rig and things looked like they were cooling down. Will had to get to a BBQ and I figured it was nice enough and there were enough people around for me to say out a while solo. Right as he left I nailed a small Black and Yellow  on a Stankx Tube.
Right after I caught that fish I saw a yellow kayak with a blue paddle and figured it was Jeff I paddled a little closer and it was, his kayak was riding much higher than it was. We said "good bye" to Will and started to paddle out to the kelp when Jeff started feeling his kayak start to get tippy again. He looked in the hatch and saw the water was back. I followed him in and he made it back on land without further incident.

As I was paddling back out I found a interesting spot and dropped my rig, I was bit immediately. I pulled fish after fish off the structure, they just loved the Tubz. I caught 5 and was 2 away from my limit when I looked back to the beach and saw that Jeff and Will still didn't even have their kayak's loaded on their cars. I dropped again and got a nice Black and Yellow. I dropped again and didn't have anything for a few minutes of jigging, I looked back and say their kayaks were on their vehicles now. I was about to give up when I felt a hit, I set the hook and the drag started peeling. I felt the fish run into the kelp, I held it steady until it came out and pulled out the biggest fish of the day.

I had my limit, got to meet a new fishermen, no one got hurt and I didn't get wet or loose anything. The only thing Jeff lost was a cheap spinning setup he had for a back up. The Grips Lucid Fishing sent me worked out well, it is nice to get a grip on the fish while it is thrashing around and making it less likely a fish plants one of my own hooks in my ankle.

(I am sure it looks funny but since the last time I ended up in the water I have worn my life vest really tight.)

I have a few pretty good complaints about the day but it is nothing I can change, no one got hurt and that is what matters. Will, you are the man. Jeff, I wish things could have gone better for you.

Ended up with a nice stringer too. :D

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  1. One day I'll make it over to your coast and you treat me to my first fish taco.

    Glad the Tubez did you right man!

    1. Sounds like a plan Travis.
      The Tubez work great, I think it was boody peppers color that did the most damage, the plastic matched the kelp but the red flake stood out.

  2. Nice report! Where are you fishing out of? For some reason I thought you were near Chicago...

    1. I was living near Chicago until I moved to the California's San Joaquin Valley. Been out here since November 2011.

  3. Looks like other than the gasket incident to have been a great day. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

    1. You nailed the one thing I would have changed about the dayright there Pam. Turned out to be a torn scupper hole as well. Thanks fror reading and commenting.

  4. The fish is so ugly..I don't know how he is carrying them in his hand..They are looking so weird..Although I like the venue or destination..

  5. Good ol'Rockfish. I think they look purdy.


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