Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Frustration on the Lower Kings River

Sunday was a tough day on the river, fished with Ed out of his boat from about 6 AM to 11 hoping the bite would be turning back on. I started out throwing a buzz bait and Ed was chucking a frog, the thought of a top water bite was too alluring. Ed got some blowups on his frog, mostly little guys and after an hour we both switched tactics. I ended up with 3 caught on a PB&J Stankx Slug on a drop shot rig, I lost a decent one as we were heading in but they were pretty evenly spread out through the day. Ed ended up with one on a drop shot and one on a LBS Midnight Blue Jig, mostly caught next to reeds or rocks near drop offs.
Little guy tried to inhale that Slug
The most maddening thing about this river is it seems to be backwards from most fishing situations;
High water means poor fishing
Moving water means poor fishing
Low, almost still water means good fishing.

It is against about everything I have ever read about Bass fishing and don't get me wrong this river is not a raging torrent by any means, there are lakes with more current. I have caught Largemouth in much faster current and colder water. The Kings river is an anomaly, a freak river with weird conditions. One thing I do like about it is the fishing is best when the weekend anglers and most of all jet skiers are off the water, for this I can definitely forgive this weird river system.

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  1. Maybe it's a sign of how much I suck at fishing, but I always seem to do best at those "opposite" waters.

  2. Fishing is always a learning experience, huh.



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