Thursday, August 2, 2012

Maintenance Does Wonders

On last Sunday's trip my Diawa Veinto started making a weird sound, Ed said "sounds like that thing could use some lube". I got online and ordered the Ardent Reel Butter Pack from Tackle Warehouse.

After a day of waiting it was on the counter when I got home. After spending almost two days researching proper reel maintenance on Youtube and various forums I got right to taking the Revo SX HS apart, scrubbing it down and lubing it up. I spun it back up with 15lb Seagaur Floro and sprayed it down with the Line Butter conditioner. Tied a jig on and I have to say it casts better then it did new.

After dinner, chores and picking a bicycle up I found on Craigslist for my girls I got to the Diawa. That reel is like a Chinese puzzle box to take apart and put back together (if you are cleaning the same reel make sure you have time to do it right). Took me about 30 minutes total and the hardest part was snapping the left hand case back on. It feels smooth and free and lacks that noise it was making so I deem it a success.
My kitchen counter setup with white paper for contrast
If you have never taken apart a baitcaster before only take apart what you are comfortable with, if you are not comfortable with it at all turn it in to a pro. There is a night and day difference between a reel that has been serviced and one that needs it.

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