Thursday, August 16, 2012

Operation Kayak Drop

I ha to run up to Fresno to pick up my buddy's 15' Ocean Kayak for him so I could bring it down to Cayucos Saturday morning bright and early for we can get in on some fishing. My trusty dog was game to accompany me, it was not a long journey but with traffic and the hectic week it has been at work it had it's challenges. 
 I got there right at nightfall, strapped it down and made it home with out incident. Not how I wanted to spend a Thursday evening but it is one of the things you have to do sometimes to get on the water sometime.
Now my buddy can enjoy the weekend as well. Helping each other out is just what kayak anglers do, Jeff can't wait to hit the water with you Saturday. 

Thanks for reading, 


  1. your a good friend, fishing alone is not quite as good as having some company

    1. Jeff is good company, plus fishing alone in the ocean downright deadly.


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