Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finally a Decent Day on the River

The last few weeks have been rough, between family stuff and a cold that lasted for almost a week and a half I was about to go into fishing withdrawal. I fished the Aqueducts with Sam for a few hours and got nothing but the skunk on Thursday night, even the pictures I took weren't really worth it. Saturday was National Hunting and Fishing Day and I knew I had to get out. The water in the river was starting to slow and get low, real low.
The water was right up to where the grass stops in this picture, now there is a 40 yard long mud beach just to get to ankle deep water. The fish seemed to be there though. Caught my first just a few casts in, a 12 incher. The average size of the fish seems to have shrank from around 14 inches to 12 since the early Spring, though they were scrappy for their size and looked pretty healthy. 
They all came on Stankx plastics in Dirty Blue Craw and PB&J rigged on 1/2oz LBS Showoff Jigs did the trick. It was pretty consistent though no fish of good size were caught. I did have a Run in with the largest Beaver I have ever seen. 
He looked like a mini Grizzly bear as I got closer to him, I wanted to get a good shot and so I gave a good strong paddle and coasted into the bank he was standing on snapping pictures as I came in closer. Tho Olympus Tough does not zoom well so I had to get right close, my kayak hit the shore before he scrambled into the water. Here is a shot from further away to get a better idea of the size of the thing. 
Good day to get out, not too warm and not to cold, when the fish were hitting they smacked the crap out of the jig. I only lost 2, one due to a weak spot in my line from a sharp rock broke on the hookset of what felt like a good one. 
Most the fish came off the Chunk trailer but a few hit the Hero. 
Here is a shot of an average Kings River Bass I have been catching.  I also snagged something weird...
I thought I snagged a branch but pulled in a Thumb... it was really thick and tied into a knot at the bottom, seemed to be a thin plastic or vinyl material, either way it is in the trash now. Best fish as usual came right at the end of the trip, a nice little 2 pounder. 
I need to get out more, my next goal is to hook a Striped Bass. 

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  1. that "thumb" thing is probably the weirdest thing I've seen caught.

    1. Makes me wonder if there isn't a giant balloon man out in the river!

  2. Looks like a great day to me. I'm glad you didn't have to tangle with that beaver!

  3. Nice beaver shot (does that sound weird?) well anyway, Great looking bass! Looking forward to some largemouth fishing myself this wednesday! For some reason the striped bass bite seems to be slower for me this year! Either way, good luck to ya!!


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