Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Make'n Bacon

I've been reading Hank Shaw's Blog Hunt, Gather, Cook at for a while now, he is full of some great ideas like smoking your own bacon. I have thought about it for longer than I have had a smoker, the fact that traditional bacon is cold smoked has left my fridge DIY Bacon-less until now. French Ventreche is delicious and easy to make.

I bought a frozen pork belly from The Food Locker in Lemoore, Ca on my way home from work. They didn't have any fresh due to the lack of demand for pork belly. After a day of thawing it was ready for me o trim the skin off with a fillet knife.

 It came off easy with the sharp knife, the tits were only slightly disturbing.
 I rubbed the meat down in Kosher Salt and bagged it for two days to cure. in the mean time I sliced up the skin into strips.
 After I sliced them I added salt, Pepper and a little Chipotle Pepper powder to give them a little kick. I let them sit in the fridge until I had the oil ready.
 They fried up nice and crisp, even my picky twin teen-aged daughters thought they were tasty. Crisp outside with a chewy inside, the fat melts right on your tongue, trust me if you are weary of trying fried pig skin it is delicious and if you don't like it the skin came for free on the belly and you aren't really wasting anything.

Once the belly cured for a day I added some brown sugar and black pepper to the mix, rolling and tying it tight. It sat like this in the fridge for another night until I was off work. When I got home I soaked some hickory chips and set the bacon out to prepare it for smoking.
 Let it smoke for 4 hours.
 It smelled delicious I brought it inside, let it sit until it was cool enough to go into the fridge for the night. in the morning I grabbed it, and sliced her open.
It did not disappoint, with a good bite of black pepper and a pork taste that is not in your average store bought bacon. It tastes good fried crispy or even just warmed through, my girls and wife love it and want me to make more.

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  1. Dang, I'd like to have you make some more too... i need a smoker now

    1. A smoker is well worth it, might do up another batch this weekend.

  2. Seems simple enough if you can find the Pork Belly.


  3. Mark, it is well worth finding the meat. :D


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