Friday, September 28, 2012

Water Cured Olives Part 1

The Olives on the trees outside work are starting to turn purple so I went out and grabbed as many as many large green ones as I could off the trees around my office, think I picked around 5 pounds of the little guys. For those of you who don't know about olives, you need to rid them of their bitter water soluable compounds before you can enjoy them. Bite into a raw olive, even a ripe raw olive and you are in for a shock. I am going to cure them 3 ways and Water Curing is the first way I am going to do it. Read about it on Hank Shaw's Blog, check it out HERE if you have the time.
Just had to give them a good rinse before they were ready to start processing. 
I got 2 Ice Tea jugs form the store for $3 a pop, they came with 4 plastic cups my family can use. hopefully the spout does not fail on me. it is going to take a few months for all the junk to seep out of the olives and into the water. I sliced the olives with a paring knife to help the process, a lot of people seem to prefer this to smashing them with a mallet. 
I filled the first jug and only got halfway through the second. 
I used cheese cloth to keep the olives down, today I picked more and filled it the rest of the way up. I am going to try two different methods, one will be slightly saline and I will change the water less and the other I will change the water every day or two. Once the olives on the tree ripen I am going to try the straight brining method and once they are over ripe I am going to try the Oil Cured method. Should be fun, I just hope it turns out well.

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Update 6/22/2013: They finished some time around April, but are still good now. Check them out. -Dan


  1. I did not know that about olives! I though they were ready to eat once you picked them.

    1. Trust me, it is worse than raw acorn. I popped a black one in my mouth in the winter right off the tree, it was the bitterest thing I have ever eaten.

  2. I second Daniel. If not cured correctly, they are nasty.

  3. Can you use them as bait?
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  4. curing and olive, never knew... huh


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