Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting caught up.

Fishing has been slow (because I have barely been out) and the home life has been busy. Taking some college classes so hopefully I will find balance. Got out on Sunday with the daughters and caught a few runts.

Hope to get more posts in the future, good posts that is. 

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back in My Navy Days...

Just sharing some posts from my time in the Navy, hope you enjoy.
How you ride an EA-6B Prowler like a boss, and yes that is me. 
One of our Line Shackers busting some rust. 
A bridge in Lisbon, Portugal that was made by the same folks who brought you the Golden Gate Bridge. 
USNS Supply during a vert rep. 
Most of what you do while working on the flight deck
EA-6B Prowler
E-2 Hawkeye on a high power turn off the fantail. 
H-53 landing on the fantail. 
H-53 fueling up
2 hours prior to flight
Sunset in the Persian Gulf 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the pictures,

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lake Kaweah September 30th

I showed up at the second launch on Lake Kaweah at sunrise, 3 people dipped out of heading out with me but I was hopeful to catch some fish. The water was down at least 50 feet from the last time I was on the lake in the spring. On the shore I met a member of Central Coast Kayak Fishing  Squafish, he seemed to know what he was doing and so I left him to it even though it would have been nice to have someone to talk to. It is always good to meet a fellow forum member, that is why join them in the first place. The wind was blowing, small breakers were even splashing over the nose for almost half an hour before it died down. I marked fish in the 15ft to 20ft range but they were tight lipped. I worked my way east along the shore missing a small bite here and there on the drop shot. My first (above) came on a Pearl and Disco Stankx slug on a drop shot, he was sitting right next to a sunken tree near a dropoff, so I found a few more drop offs like that and hooked up some more. 
The small ones kept hitting them as well. 
After the weather broke and it turned into a fine day, I didn't get a water temperature but the water was much warmer than the air temp. 
I got off the water around 10am when my reel backlashed and sent my rig along with 20 yards of line into the water. I got back to the truck and realized my wallet was in my pocket and soaked, plus I left my keys sitting open on the tailgate of my truck in view of everyone. Someone was surely looking out for me. 

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