Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Carp" Diem on the Kings River

I got out on the river around 6:30 AM, it was cold and the fog was not as bad as it was near my house. I  drove down to the bank, unloaded the kayak and was on the water quickly. I parked close because I forgot my wading boots and did not want to risk stepping on a goat-head with my neoprene wader stockings. I was glad to get out on the water because I hadn't fished the Kings in almost a month with school, work and kids taking up all my time.

The morning started slow, and the rest of the day stayed slow. I lost 2 fish in the first half hour and the bite stopped. I heard flapping coming from the north and when I looked up, I could hardly believe what I saw. There had to be a thousand Pelicans flying a hundred feet over me. They were close enough to make out their feathers from where I was sitting. I unscrewed my camera and snapped a shot, but it hardly did the sight justice.
Migrating Pelicans
The rest of the day was slower than slow, I caught one small bass and missed a few. One was pretty good sized, I got to see it when it jumped off the dropshot hook. I switched my lures up several times, but nothing was working. I went back to the dropshot and started plugging the shore again. I cast to a drop off a little too hard and my reel over-ran. I fixed the over run quickly and when I picked the slack back up I felt a weight on the line and set the hook. I fought it for a few short runs, and it was exciting because I thought it was a big ol bass... Until it got closer and I saw orange in the water.
Bonus Carp
I decided that was a sign it was time to call it a day, on the way in I heard my tackle in the back slide and a splash. I turned around just as my box full of lures sank into the river. It actually floated for a few seconds, then it tipped and quickly sunk into a section of river 5 feet deep with a silty bottom. I probed the muck with my paddle hoping to locate it and it was no use. That was $100 (atleast) in lures I just donated to the river gods. It was time to go home.
My Mean Machine
I almost cried, money has been really tight and I can't afford to replace them. The "walk of shame" home was almost unbearable. My wife thought I should go back with a net and try to find it but it was no use.  Hopefully my luck on the river will change, some instant karma would be nice. The hunt for the big bucket mouth continues.

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  1. that sucks, dont be afraid to do a little to do a tad bit of free diving to see if you can located em, might pay off

    1. Not a big fan of getting wet in that water, I'm planning on taking a look around sometime in the next week. We'll see what happens.


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