Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Virg's Landing in Morro Bay, California

My parents flew out to the cost to visit us, It had been over a year since we saw each other. I had been tempting my old man for almost a year about Lingcod and Rock Fish, it was finally time to get on the water. We booked a 1/2 day trip with Virg's Landing on the only day we could get out. The weather looked good, a slight breeze in the morning slowing down in the afternoon... Someone should fire that weatherman. The day started out nice as we sailed aboard the Black Pearl past Morro Rock.  
Morro Rock
As soon as we got out of the bay the wind started to pick up and the surf swelled. Thirty minutes into the trip a pod of Pacific Dolphins joined us, riding our wake and playing in the waves.

The winds picked up and the captain had trouble holding us one spot and I broke off twice before I could even feel the bottom we were drifting so fast. After loosing my 3rd rig I moved from the port to the starboard side. The Captain made the call to reel up and the girl next to me was having trouble. I saw she had a lot of line out, she looked tired. I asked if I could help, 3 reels in I could tell she had something. Once it got close I handed her rod back and she got the last few cranks on a double hook up. 

The captain brought us shallower but it was no use. The wind was too much, he told us we were going to be rain checked. I was pissed because I thought I was going home skunked. On the ride back in hydraulic fluid started shooting out a port, the deckhands and captain spent 30 minutes messing with it. In that time the wind calmed, the captain told everyone we were going to giver her a go. Within a minute my dad had his first rock fish on a Stankx Tube.    . 
I have been having a lot of luck with the Tubez rigged on a store bought rockcod rig. I  keep getting grief from my fellow fishing addicts for using a store bought rig. The way I figure it, if the rig breaks it was not due to something I did, now that is guilt free fishing.
My dad did pretty well, he caught this nice red off a Bloody Pepper colored Tube rigged on the upper hook on a 0/6 Rock Cod rig with a 10oz weight. We started off needing a full 1lb of lead but as the sea calmed I even managed to feel the bottom at 85 feet with 4oz of weight.
Dad with his first Ling and a nice Red
The captain came through, not a skunk in sight. Even the gulls got their fill with scraps from the crew cleaning fish.
Very grateful the crew stayed out late to make up for some fishing time and that my dad got to catch his first rockfish and Ling. We didn't end up with a full limit but it was still a good haul. I ended up with 5lb 12oz of fillets. Some Blues, a Copper or two, a Star belly, a couple Gophers  plus my dad's big red and 24 inch Ling.
The Haul
I defiantly recommend these guys, hit them up if you get a chance. For more bang for your buck hit up one of their long range trips. I was not paid or discounted for this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, I choose to promote companies in my blog because they are worth it.

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  1. That looks fun...and tasty! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. IT was very fun, and very tasty. Happy Turkey Day to you as well.


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