Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pelicans on the Kings River

Since the fishing has been pretty off for me, I thought I would share these pictures of pelicans I took on the Kings river my last trip out. 
For their size, pelicans are pretty easily spooked. I had to paddle up quick, and fire off a few shots before they fly away.
I wonder where they are from. The other thing I wonder is, does the fishing suck because they are here and eating my bass? They have been coming here longer than I have and have more right to the fish in my opinion.
I just wish my camera had a better zoom.

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  1. These birds can eat a ton of fish!!

  2. Every time I have been around those things, they are surprisingly NOT afraid of me. I have been able to practically touch them.

    The difference must be that they are usually on popular piers or parks where they get used to people.

  3. OK Bucko, here is your pelican answer.


    I'd say that is why your fishing sucks when they are around.


  4. sure looks a bit warmer then Chicago this time of year

  5. I don't normally have to worry too much about pelicans here. I can see how they would scare off the fish though. I did see one in my little neighborhood lake not too long ago! The nearest ocean is 200 miles away in Mexico.


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