Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Make Your Own Cold Smoked Cheese

I have wanted to make my own lox and smoked cheeses since I stated hot smoking. Seeing how expensive cold smokers can be, I gave up on cold smoking. I was on Facebook chatting with my buddy Brandon about smoking bacon. He told me he was going to cold smoke some bacon with a soldering iron and I knew I had to give it a try. I built my smoker from a cheap Harbor Freight Soldering iron and a empty pint paint can I bought at Home Depot. I used a piece of aluminum, some rivets and a few zip ties to hold the thing together
Costco had some nice looking Gouda and Vermont White Cheddar. I cut the wax off the Gouda and cut the Cheddar into manageable chunks. I set the cheese on a rack for my electric smoker. Next time I am going to use a wire or Guitar string to get cleaner cuts.
I filled the can with Hickory chips and let it run for about half an hour to get it nice and smokey.
Before adding the cheese I added two loaf pans full of ice to keep the temp down in the smoker. Then I slid the cheese on the top rack.
I left the smoker on for 20 minutes before I unplugged it, The temp never got above 80f.
After the hour was up, I plugged it in for another twenty minutes, followed by another hour to suck in all that lovely smoke.
The cheese took on a slightly darker appearance and smelled amazing. I took it out and patted it down with paper towel before bagging it for storage.
My wife tried a piece the first day and did not like it. By the the third day the taste had mellowed and everyone in the house was enjoying it.

Try it for yourself, it is so easy to do. You can use a large cooler, a Tupperware box, or a BBQ grill. The taste is bolder than smoked cheese from the stores, something that will really impress your family and dinner guests.

Next on my list is some nice smoky lox.

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  1. SO the ice is in separate containers than the cheese?

    1. Yes, its only purpose it to help absord some of the heat generated by the iron and from the sun.

  2. I did a similar method. I used the soldering iron poked into a disposable aluminum bread pan. I cut a pallet in half, screwed it back together with wood scraps and stretched window screen through the slats and stapled the ends. Covered with a large cardboard box("Barbie's volkswagen" I found out by the road the day after christmas.). Tied the box front with rope and covered with a beach towel. A small flap cut in the top allowed ventilation. Worked great and I had room to smoke up to about ten lbs of cheese at once.

    1. Nice. I like you you used all recycled items.

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