Saturday, February 9, 2013

San Simeon and Morro Bay

Eating jerky, waiting for a bite
Nothing brings me more joy or satisfaction than then reaction I get when I tell my daughter I want to wake her up extremely early in the morning to go fishing, because she gets excited. There is no problem waking her early, making her get out of her warm bed on a cold night to drive a few hours to go fishing. Nearly hitting deer on steep, foggy and winding roads.

Sunday we were able to get out, but the bite just was not there. Here are some of the pictures from last week.
Might get in trouble for posting an "unflattering" photo of my daughter, but I think it has a certain charm
Just a beautiful day at San Simeon Pier
We hit it right as the tide was going out, only managed one small Jack Smelt. By 1030 we decided to pack it up. Seeing as it was slightly windy, Cayucos was out as it would be much windier, so we drove down to the public fishing pier at Morro Bay.  
It was beautiful, but the wind did eventually pick up. I managed another smelt, but my daughter still hadn't caught anything. We stuck around until around Noon. 

We decided to grab some fast food at a near by restaurant and ate out side, fending birds off our french fries.  
Pigeon waiting for a fry to drop

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  1. Sure is a beautiful part of California. Of course, all of the California coast is beautiful.

    1. It is pretty much a toss up between the coast and mountains, but I give the ocean the edge.

  2. some most excellent photos, frame those

    fatherhood suits you well, id love to have grown up in your house, plenty of the outdoors and smoke foods ;)

  3. Fish in morro bay 3-4 hours before a low tide all the way until the low tide. The lowest tides are the best (for example 0.5 or -0.3). Use a whole squid or cut mackerel, smelt, or sardines. You will get monster bat rays and sharks.

    1. Oh ya one more thing... Use a carolina rig set up, and a heavy weight so you bait holds the bottom. The current can be pretty strong. Use heavy line, and lead should be at least 80 lbs. Make sure to bring a large crab net so you scoop up the fish and bring them to the surface.


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