Monday, March 4, 2013

Kayak Scupper Cart Modification

In the past I praised Malone Xpress™ Scupper Kayak Cart, so what I am about to do might shock you a bit. I am going to cut it up with a reciprocating saw...
Roxy is interested in what I am doing
Malone still stands behind it's product and has great customer service. What changed was my attitude about scupper carts. Last summer my buddy Jeff's kayak took on water when we were half a mile off the beach at Cayucos. If Will and I we weren't there he would have had one hell of a swim back to shore. Below I have a picture of the damage caused by a scupper cart.

I just couldn't stand sticking the cart into my scuppers any more. Finances are tough so buying a new cart was out of the question. I had to improvise; you kayak fishermen out there know that means one thing, PVC.
I made the first cut about an inch and a half away from the base. I wanted the pad to do it's job and help minimize warping the bottom of the kayak. Second post was cut same as the first.
The 1/2 inch PVC tees fit perfectly on the stubs. I thought about attaching them but figured it would stow better if they just sat on the stubs.
I cut half inch PVC to about 8 inches long, sanded them down, and cemented them into place.
I wanted the strap to be attached to the cart to make it easier to slip on. TO do this I used a cold chisel to break the plastic coating these cheap tie-down straps I had lying around. They were just big enough to slip over the tubes and become part of the cart. 
Personally I think it looks pretty good, and the strap being attached to the cart makes it a breeze to get on and off.
Once you have it close to where you want it ratchet it down and go. No fumbling with hooks like on some factory carts out there.  
The bottom is cradled fairly well, but I think I might just add some foam just in case.
Took about 30 minutes from start to finish and the longest part was finding, untangling and taking the ratchet strap apart.
It still breaks down small enough to fit in my hull and will not damage it. That is a win win in my book.

Stay safe on the water, and as always; thank you for reading. 



  1. I love this kind of stuff. I wish I was handy like that.

  2. Kevin, it just takes practice and a williness to break a few things along the way. Behind every handyman is a path of broken things. :D

    1. This is the best thing I've ever seen Dan say.

  3. Last year I had the great idea of making rod holders out of PVC and every time I used them, I got skunked. Hope it doesn't rub off.

    1. Now you are telling me... :D

    2. That is a nice mod Dan. Hope that works better for you. These are essential if you have to go any distance with a yak over land for sure. I remember that day at The Fox when we portaged the St. Charles Dam and we both walked our yaks over the dam. Right before I almost went in the drink!!! Take it easy and great mod!

    3. We about died hauling them, it would have made a huge difference indeed.


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