Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lake Cachuma Fish~n~Chill, Report

     I belong to a kayak fishing forum by the name of Central Coast Kayak Fishing, we had a camping and fishing meetup at Lake Cachuma on California's central coast this weekend. Ryan Howell, the sites owner, planned it out. Two days of people who love the outdoors getting together and loving the outdoors, what can be better than that? Being in such good company for the last two days was a breath of fresh air, some great memories were made this weekend.

Mike got the first fish, a nice 18 inch trout that gave a great fight. We were later told the lake had been stocked with "Nebraska Tailwalkers," which are a hi-bred variety known for dancing on the water when hooked.  Derrick and Ryan both caught some trout as well, but they were filleted before I got a chance to snap a photo. I fished for bass, but was left with a skunk. The folks at the ranger station said the trout bite was "so-so," and the bass bite died a few days ago. By the early afternoon the wind picked up, and it was a little to windy to enjoy the water.  
My wife snapped this great picture of this duck sitting under the pier. I couldn't find the species, if any of you know what type of duck this is, just let me know in the comments.
They made us launch at the bottom of this ramp so we would be out of the way of the power boaters. The rocks were slick and hazardous, so I am surprised none of us got wet launching. If the staff ever tells you to launch here, don't listen to them. Get your stuff ready in the parking lot or at the camp site, go to the boat ramp, and scoot your yak over to the side.  
Derrick did pretty well with leadcore, running three colors with a dodger and a night crawler.
Sunday morning the wind calmed down, but so did the bite. Derrick was the only one to hook up. The visibility was at least 12 feet, a green algae bloom made it harder to see much deeper. 
Too bad more lakes stocking are not loading them with bruisers like this.  
I took my daughter out in the canoe, trolling night crawlers. We fished for about 3 hours without a bite. I wish I could have got her on some fish.
   Ryan peddling back in 

     My whole family had an awesome time, the 3 hour drive to the camp was well worth it. The company could not have been better, and the grounds were clean and well maintained. We froze at night and burned during the day but it was well worth it. The lake has some pretty strict rules. No crafts are allowed on the water from dusk until 7 am. Life jackets are required to be worn at all times, and boats must be pressure washed down. There is a $5 inspection fee for kayaks and canoes, I do not know the price for power boat inspections, but I can assume it is more expensive. There is no swimming or jet skiing  and that makes for better fishing in my opinion. Mini chrome Rattle Traps, night crawlers, and Needle fish have been effective with the trout.

    My wife is wanting to do a lot more camping this year, I would like to get into the mountains more, and fish the coast more. The rockfish opener is in May, but the Halibut start moving in soon. Hopefully my luck on the salt water is better than my luck in the freshwater has been this year. One thing I can tell you, if any of the folks who came down to the fish and chill wanted to hang I would be down. :D

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Article on the "Nebraska Tailwalker." :

Central Coast Kayak Fishing: CCKF


  1. Dang, I could use some weather and fishing like that. It's cold and gloomy in NC.

    1. I did get skunked, so I think you can do better Kevin. :D
      Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.

  2. great blog, I'll be following your adventures from now on

    1. Thanks Jamie, you have a nice blog yourself. It is interisting to see what different fishermen use around the world, I ma adding you to my blog roll.

  3. That looks like some beautiful country. Too bad you got skunked and I think you will kill em in the salt!!!!!

    1. Rockfish season is almost here. :D

  4. What a great story! Thanks so much for sharing this Camping and fishing


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