Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Central Coast Rockfish Opener One Day Away!

I can not wait, the season opens on May 1st. Saturday will be the first trip on the salt this year. Camping out Friday night in San Simeon, and fishing a small tournament at daybreak. If you are interested there are still camp sites available.

Here is the link to sign up:

CCKF is a growing site here on the central coast and central valley. If you live around the area and kayak fish, become a member and joiun the maddness.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Organic Pest Control

         A sure sign that we are well into spring around my house is the Passion Flower Plan starts blooming again.
One of the other signs of spring is an abundance of spiders, our house is covered with them. Black Widows, house spiders, wolf spiders, brown widows, brown recluse, jumping spiders, the list goes on. Instead of spraying pesticides, I prefer an organic approach. I don't want neighbor kids or our dogs getting sick, so I got excited when I saw this at a local hardware store.
Over 400 tiny insect assassins, perfect for taking out the bugs that bother my wife.
The light hardened egg cases just need to be left for the warmth of spring to trigger the hatch, then hundreds of tiny mantises will emerge. Some will move on, taking care of pests in neighbor's yards, but some will stick around.
I found this little guy in my back yard last night, and I think it is a good sign. Toads used to be common when I was a child, but they do not seem to be as numerous as they once were. I am glad he has chosen our backyard for his home, and hopefully he stays for a while eating mosquitoes and beetles. Hopefully the mantis eggs will hatch soon. 

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lake Nacimiento Kayak Fishing Report

Had a great trip out to Lake Nacimiento just northwest of Paso Robles, California. A member of CentralCoastKayakFishing.com, Seaweed, let us launch from a private ramp. It was an especially special trip because I was taking Ed, owner of LBS Tackle, on his first kayak fishing trip. We got on the water around eight in the morning, and it was not long before Ed already had his first fish. A spotted bass caught off a Zoom Fluke rigger on a LBS Darthead jig.
The beauty of this place is almost overwhelming, as we paddled along turkeys and doves called out to us from the shore. Things were relativity peaceful before the jet skis and wake runners took over the lake.
Ed thought he was on a big bass when he hooked this three pound channel cat.
I was sulking about m lack of fish, switching to a dropshot I started to get bit. I missed two in a row, a few casts later I thought I was snagged on a rock. Then the drag on my small 500 sized Abu Garcia spinning reel started singing. To my surprise I pulled in this guy, he is going to make some good dinner.
After the catfish I started getting into the bass, they tended to be off rocky shores that dropped off into deeper water.
Derrick ended up with a ice dark male white crappie that was in full spawning colors and a bunch of rat spotted bass.
For as small as those spotted bass were, they were sure pretty looking and but up a relativity good fight.
Ed seemed to enjoy his first kayak fishing trip, it was great getting out there catching fish and sharing the sport with others. 
On the trip back I saw more deer than I have seen in many years. WE came across a heard of small bucks grazing in a field.
I managed to get a few good photos, I wish I had my wife's D3100 with me. That 200 milometer lens would have done a better job capturing the image.
There were also more turkeys than I have seen in my life, that area is a sportsmen's paradise. I can only hope to some day be able to afford to live in a place like this.
Jeff, thank you so much for letting us use your launch, I had a blast. Ed, I am glad you could make it. Derrick thank you for letting Ed use your spare kayak, you are the man.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gear Review: Standard Horizon HX290

Image form www.StandardHorizon.com
          After discovering the benefits of a handheld VHF Radio on the ocean last December, I had trouble seeing myself going back on the ocean without one. It was time to stop borrowing from others, and buy my own. The ocean is a large loud place and being able to call for help when it is needed can be priceless. Besides calling in the Calvary when things get tough, the VHF provides weather reports, and facilitates communication not otherwise possible on the water.
       I decided on buying  a Standard Horizon VHF because they are a leader in the industry. I have read nothing but good reviews, and they have a solid warranty. I wanted a unit with simple features that floated in case I become all thumbs out on the water. The HX290 was right up my alley. I used a $50 gift card I got from my parents to make it official (thanks mom and dad). Once I bought it I discovered there is a twenty dollar rebate deal going on as well, not bad.

The Features as listed on Standard Horizon's Website:

  • Floating
  • Submersible JIS-8 / IPX7 (3.3 feet for 30 minutes)
  • Slim form fitting case
  • Selectable 5 and 1 Watt transmit power output
  • Supplied with a Li-ion battery, AC and DC chargers and a charging cradle
  • Glow-In-the-Dark strip
  • Huge channel display
  • Optional speaker microphone or headset capable
  • All USA, International and Canadian Marine Channels
  • Programmable Scan, Priority Scan and Dual Watch
  • NOAA Weather channels and Weather Alert
  • Key lock
  • Squelch level on display
  • Low battery indicator
  • Preset key used to recall up to 10 favorite channels
  • Optional FBA-42 Alkaline battery tray available
  • 3 Year Waterproof Warranty

      The first thing that about the radio I noticed is just how light it is. The little brick of a radio my buddy Derrick would lend me must weigh twice as much, no wonder it floats. The controls are simple, I had programmed my favorite channel and learned how to use scan mode in minutes. The buttons respond quickly and smoothly when switching between channels. I have not used it on the water yet, but the weather forecast for the South Valley came in loud and clear with limited interruptions. It was money well spent and will enhance my experience on the water for sure.

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