Thursday, May 9, 2013

Central Coast Rockfish Opening Weekend: Lots of Fish Caught off Leffingwell Landing

First picture of the day, the flash was turned off...
         It has been a hectic week between work, traveling to and from the coast, work, pool problems, school work, and other things popping up everywhere. The article I wrote several weeks ago was published on Kayak Angler Magazine's website, and hopefully I will have a little more to write for the next issue as well. None of that could keep me away from the ocean though. Rockfish season had been closed since January and it was just too long. I split a campsite with my buddy Derrick at San Simeon State Park, splitting the fees is a great way to save some cash for fuel.
    Derrick was running the CCKF Opening Day Rockfish Tournament off Cambria, California, and we were pumped. I did not fall asleep until well after one in the morning, and even then I awoke several times with dreams of hooking big fish and floating in that salty water. I awoke well before my 0515 alarm, so I used the restroom, got organized  and squeezed into my wet suit. I had everything staged so I would just have to back the truck down the ramp, unload the kayak, and drive it back to park it. I was on the water at dawn. To my horror my fishfinder was not working, I checked the battery and fuse, but it was no use. So I had to rely on kelp, feel, and other people's fishfinders to know if I was in the rocks or not. First fish was a small kelp rockfish that hit my swimbait. Two more casts and I had a nice 26 inch lingcod on my Green and blue Swankx Swimbait. 

This guy liked his baits moving
Another one for the Swankx
The Canary Rock fish are making a good comeback.
I got two dogfish, this is the smaller one, by the time I was done untangling the larger one I caught later on it was his time to go
Got this nice frying pan sized flounder while jigging between two reefs
You are going to see this tasty cabezon later, if you know what I mea
Paddling in to Leffingwell Landing in Cambria, California 
        We had over twenty people enter the tournament, and it was nice meeting all the people I met on the water. We had a close call with two whales, they got to about 70 yards away from us before they submerged. While that does not sound like it is close, when two huge whales get near your kayak, you start looking for escape routes. A few seals came near me, but lucky for me they were not brave enough to steal my catch. Perfect weather all day long, no one got eaten by anything, and I don't even think anyone ate it on the landing that day the surf was so mild. The winning lingcod was 16 lbs 7 oz, and the winning rockfish was 5 lbs 4 oz. I was not even close but I had a nice heavy stringer, got to spend some time on the water, and feel fish pull me around for a while. California's central coast is a wonderful, beautiful place that has a feeling unlike anywhere else I have been to in this great country. I am so grateful to be a part of this community of kayak anglers, and take part in these events. Thanks you Jeff, Derrick, Bobby, Joe, Will, Perry, Bob, Mike, Jeff (Seaweed), adn everybody at Central Coast Kayak Fishing and Norcal Kayak Anglers. You all rock.

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  1. These posts are really interesting. You're catching fish I've never seen before. Cool stuff.

  2. Looks like a great outing. All of those fish look so cool! I want to catch them all! I can only imagine what type of panic goes through your head when a whale is nearby when you're in a kayak. Yikes!

  3. Man, those are some WILD looking fish. I bet deep jigging like that is awesome since you never know whats coming up!


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