Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More From Opening Weekend: Campfires and Fixing Guitars.

Joe in action mode
       Things have been busier than usual due to finals, but that is behind me now, so I can focus a little more energy on my other projects (at least for the next few weeks). I had suck a blast on the two day camping trip we took at San Simeon State Park I have to share it, so here is some more form the opening weekend.

       My buddy Ryan took some pretty awesome footage on the water. Blogger is giving me problems embedding this video, so I will just have to give you the link.

       The man holding that lingcod in the first few seconds is Joe Koenig, a gifted musician, proud father and all around nice guy. Here is some video of Joe. Sitting around the campfire listening to this guy belt out tunes made the night. Joe's music is full of passion and soul. It is the type of music that people stop and listen to no matter what their taste. So as we sat around the campfire digesting fresh caught we were allowed to get sucked into Joe's world... Until he broke a guitar string. Unluckily for us he did not have any on him, so we did what guys like us do.  We tried to rig it back up.
Crimping the Gibby

Not an easy task, because there was only two wraps around the post, and we did not want to damage his beautiful late nineteen-sixties Gibson acoustic. Justin (one of our fellow kayak anglers) brought out some crimps and wire leader. The problem was each time I would crimp the string would stretch when I tried to tune it, I could only get about three steps below a G. It was a lost cause. The small crowd that gathered to hear Joe disappeared and a few of us stuck around to talk into the night.

     This is not something you can do on the internet, or at home. Meeting up with like minded individuals in nature around a campfire. It is a type of therapy you can not get from any physician. I was less stressed than I had been in months after being around these people and enjoying the scenery. Nothing centers me more than sitting out on the ocean and feeling so small, but combining that with the amazing people I have met through this sport and it amplifies the effects.

     If you are interested in joining in the madness visit and join, the next event will be the Cambria Slam-down on 21 September 2013. Joe will be there playing his tunes, good food will be eaten, and there are bound to be a lot of laughs. Hope to see you there.

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Joes site:

Cambria Slam Down Facebook Event:

Check him out. 

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