Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tough Day off the Coast of San Simeon, California.

         I woke up Sunday morning at three-thirty to get to the coast at sunrise. It has been a few weeks since I last went fishing, so I was pretty excited despite the weather forecast. I picked up Willy from his house in Paso Robles and loaded his yak on top of mine in the bed of my truck and we were on out way. We got to the beach just after the sun came up, and got on the water with no trouble. I lost two fish close to the boat before I caught my first rockfish, a small gopher. The fish that were biting were just barely nibbling at it; there were many short strikes all around.

      We met up with Sideroad form CCKF at the kelp beds, he managed a keeper ling and a brown rockfish for the day. I caught two and lost at least three close enough that I saw them. I am not sure I even had them hooked the way they were biting. I think Willy, who managed six rockfish and a thirteen inch cabazon, did so well because he used a jigging iron tipped with a treble hook. Nibbling that thing means a hook in the face. I threw my second gopher back because I figured there would be more. Funny thing was all my hits came on swimbaits, and the raw squid went untouched. When fish aren't hitting squid, fishing is tough. By eight-thirty we were getting blown all over the place. We moved into the more protected area and got blown around until noon with nothing to show. With the way the wind was I couldn't really take any pictures earlier in the day, so I took a bunch in the protected water.
This is the point that protects the beach from the big surf. 
Willy showing how to fight the wind in style. 
A view not a lot of people get of San Simeon Pier. 
Willy crossing under San Simeon Pier. 
There were lots of people on the beach for Memorial Day. 

Willy making his landing. 

     Despite the rough day, gusty winds, and lack of fish it was great to get out. I think I understand what people say about the full moon and low tide having a negative impact on the fishing first hand. I ended up with only two small fillets, but I only lost two rigs so it was not a total wash. 

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  1. Replies
    1. It was. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for the report, Dan! We'll stay away from the full moon from now on, but there's no avoiding the wind.

    1. Full moon or not I'd fish with you any day Will.

  3. Looks like a pretty day, even if it was a windy one. Nice pics.

    1. Any day off the central coast is a beautiful day.

  4. That low tide hurt me too. It was one of the lowest I have seen in a while, the bite really turned off.


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