Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad, Thanks for the Love of Fishing.

My first fishing trip

         I am in a new place in my life, with my beautiful wife just over three months pregnant, I am at the dawn of becoming a father to a new person in this world. Being a foster parent taught me a lot of patience, or maybe it just taught me how to use the patience I had. It is a scary exciting time in my life right now. Between school, work, honey-dos, and the things that life throws my way fishing and writing has taken the backseat, but seeing as today is Father's day and I am about to become a father I thought I would take a minute to write about my father.

         A lot of people tell me they think I must be very patient to fish so much, and I do not agree. I believe I am more persistent than patient, and I think this is true of most fishermen. Patient would be sitting in one spot for hours on end content with the notion a bite was on its way. I am more likely to change lures or move to a "fishier" spot. I'll go hours plugging away at the bank making the tightest casts I can. Changing retrieve speed and depth in a frantic search for a fishes face. Even the small fish give me a sense of excitement I don't have in my everyday life otherwise. All of this I got that from my dad.

From left to right: My dad, me, my uncle Gene, and his brother in law

       I still think back to the trip to Eagle lake and wish I could wake up in cabin number three ready to hit the water with you and the Brotherhood of the Yellow Pants... for those of you not in the know. While we were on vacation a big storm rolled in and threatened to soak us. We had all brought raincoats, but no one brought rain pants. So the owner of The Big Eagle Lodge, John, gave us some over-sized yellow rain bibs. We looked and felt like the Johnson fishermen from the fish stick commercials; the brotherhood was born.

The Brotherhood of the Yellow Pants with the last five keepers to fill our limit 
       That trip is something I will never forget, not because the largest fish were caught, or the most fish were caught, but because I got to spend some good time getting to know my dad. Plus there were Amy's desserts... While marveling at the beauty of a north-woods walleye I glance over and see him doing the same thing. Or watching in excitement as an eagle snatch up a perch we pulled up from the bottom too fast. The apple does not fall far from the tree and that is a damn good thing.

Dad's first lingcod and vermilion

       When I moved to California from Illinois the hardest part was leaving my family. My niece was getting to the age I could take her out into nature and I can not go fishing enough with my dad. Once I got to the coast and started rockfishing I knew he would love it. Just the thought of the open ocean and pulling fish from two hundred feet down with my dad was enough to wreak my healthy sleeping patterns for a week. Seeing him catch his first vermilion and first ling cod was the exciting and rewarding experience I thought it would be, to see  him look at fish he had never seen before.

       Happy Father's Day Dad. I hope your work ethic, dedication, and kindness rubbed off on me, and I can only hope it rubs off on my child. Thanks for everything, I can't wait to see you in July at Hailey's wedding.

Thanks for reading, and happy Father's Day to all the baby daddys out there.



  1. Dan
    Thanks for sharing a great story, hold on to those memories, they will last forever.

    1. Thanks Bill, I know there are memories to come as well.

  2. Touching post, Daniel. Great that you have taken the opportunity to recall a great fishing time with your father. Just as it made a great memory for you, you shall make the same one day with your children. God Bless us dad's!

    1. Thanks Mel. Happy fathers day to you as well.

  3. Haven't read your blog in a while. But this is great, as per usual.


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