Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to Pickle Just About Anything!

          It is easy to pickle just about any veggie you can think of. You can pickle cucumbers, carrots, beets, asparagus, squash, beans, peas, radishes, and okra using the same brine. Take advantage of seasonal veggies in the farmers market. These pickles can last a long time on your shelf while keeping flavor and nutrients locked in. Plus pickling adds flavor you do not get any other way. With a few simple ingredients using this ratio. 
My Basic Pickle Brine
1/2 Cup Pickling Salt. 
8 1/2 Cups Distilled Water
2 1/2 Cups White Vinegar

Dill Pickle Spears, and Pickled Beets with Red Onions
         Simple as that, for dill pickles I add black peppercorns, fresh dill, red peppers, fresh garlic, and whole cumin. For fire carrots I add black peppercorns, garlic, and red pepper. Seeing a pattern? Using fresh herbs and whole spices in moderation you can not go wrong, experiment with a jar here and there. If you mess one up you will have the rest of the batch. I mix the brine's ingredients in a pot, heat the mixture until the salt is diluted, cold pack the jars with whatever I am pickling, add the spices, pour the brine into the jar leaving the necessary head space, hand tighten the retaining rings, and boil the canned pickles in a water bath for a minimum of seven minutes. It is nothing to be afraid of, follow the basic rules of canning, keep the area and lips of the jars clean and you should not have a problem besides everyone eating all your pickles. 

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  1. Dan
    First off really enjoyed this post, I am a big fan of pickled veggies. They are great as a side dish or just eating by themselves. Pickles and beets are my favorite. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Bill.

  2. I'm out of pickled everything, time to restock the shelves as soon as the veggies are ready. I'm going to give your recipe a try. I have a hard time with soft cucumber pickles. By the looks of your recipe, maybe I"m using too much vinegar.

    1. Good luck, let me know how they turn out.


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