Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tough Day on the River.

San Joaquin Bluegill

       Hit the San Joaquin river on Saturday morning with a new friend I met through my blog. Waking up at four in the morning is a common fishing practice, but here in the central valley if you do not get out early the heat will drive you back in until dusk. It was a eventful day that started out with my kayak cart breaking. I cursed the guy who told me it would break for a few minutes, and reminded myself I seem to like learning the hard way, and that is why I named my blog what I did...

San Joaquin Bass fry 

      It was a beautiful spot, and the day started out mild enough. We fished for a few hours with no takers. The water was cool and clear with a good amount of current flowing. Then the sun came out and the mercury rose above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. We fished a few old quarry lakes that were dug out close to the main channel and fed by the river. I only have a few hits, but no big takers. I did manage to catch one of about a thousand tiny bass I saw in the shallows and a small bluegill. By noon I was dehydrated, craving a Slushee, and had some good sunburn on my legs--it was time to go.

          I wish I would have taken some pictures in the morning when the light was awesome. It was just too good looking and I had to try the water. Caleb, thank you for the drink, being so awesome, and helping me lug my heavy kayak up that hill--we need to do it again.

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