Friday, August 2, 2013

Ever Loose a Rod and Reel While Fishing?

             In my short Twenty Nine and three quarter years on this planet I have lost two rods and reels while fishing. Both times involved going to the bathroom. The first time I was bottom fishing in Washington's Puget Sound and left my rig on the beach like a fool while I retreated to the port-o-potty a scant fifty feet away to come back to find my spinning reel and rod was gone. There was a nice straight line from my cooler where the rod was perched leading to the water--my gift to King Neptune. The second time I was fishing the creek leading to Lake Michigan on Naval Training Command Great Lakes for king and coho salmon nearing the zombie phase of life. I needed to go, so I set the rod down after a retrieve. I was fishing a dropshot with a spawn sac on a number six octopus hook, and as I recall the bait was barely in the water. I ran to the Port-o-john and was back in less than five minutes, but the rod was gone. I am sure it was not a person stealing my rig because I left two cameras out and the keys to my truck (it is a pretty isolated area and I was out early). Despite it only being a shallow pool at the end of the creek my efforts to retrieve the rod went unrewarded.

             This is what makes my buddy Tommy's story so unbelievable, but it is better to just show you instead of tell you. Check it out, but if there are little ones around there are a few F-bombs so turn the volume down.

Can you believe that? I wish I would have gotten one of my set ups back. Some guys just have all the luck don't they?

What have you lost fishing?  Tell me in the comments.

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  1. I was on a kayak trip with my wife and I we had to go over several class 3 rapids. Getting ready to go down one rapid I bumped my rod and reel in the water. I could see it right behind me but the rapids were less than 30ft away. I didn't have time to go after it so I went down the rapids and hoped I'd see the rod follow. I never saw it. I waited for way to long hoping it eventually would come through. The setup was brand new. I only cast it a few times earlier in the day. Luckily I didn't have much invested in it. The experience still sucked.

  2. The kayaks and canoes tend to lead to stories like that. Bet you use a rod leash now though. :D

  3. Unfortunately I no longer have a kayak. I did make sure my stuff was strapped down after that. I bet you think twice before using the bathroom.


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