Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Fun in the Land of Lincoln.

               Between spending time with family and fishing my trip to Illinois was an absolute blast. I didn't have time to do any good play by play trips but I did remember to grab the camera from time to time. Here are some of the photos from my trip that I like.
I got in right after the big cicada hatch. Their shed skins stuck to everything and they got so loud at times it hindered conversation.
I bought my niece this koi kite, we got it to go up about thirty feet then the wind died and it crashed. The strangest thing was the wind was more a series of breezes followed by dead calm. I just couldn't get the kite up into the good wind current fast enough.
Smallmouth bass fishing is one of my favorite activities because these little guys fight so hard. They are also so beautiful and seem to be able to change color at will to match the water. I have caught everything from dark brown to light green smallmouth in this river.
This fork is about a two minute walk from a major road, but it feels like you are out in the middle of nowhere.
The damsel flies were enjoying the weather...
We call this shot "The Wilson."
The twister grub and super fluke were the two big producers on this trip.
Even this shellcracker could not resist the temptation of a superfluke. I love the colors on him, it is almost tropical looking.
I cast my fluke to the left of a point over a branch and missed the hit as the fluke came out of the water and over the branch. I opened the bail and let the lure fall back and rest for a second before I brought it back up in an attempt to make as much noise with a fluke as one can, and it got nailed. My rod loaded and the line snapped somewhere near the reel. I could see the line was just lying in the water and not wanting to leave it in the water I had my dad go back for it. I started hand-lining it in, when I got about three feet from the end the fish knew the game was over and tried to get away. The hook was firm in the roof of his mouth, so I am glad I got it out for him, it would have made it hard for him to eat.
River largemouth always seem to fight harder and be built a little thicker than their cousins in the ponds and lakes.
Some of those river largemouth have a lot of contrast, dark blacks and deep shades of green against the white belly.
And some river largemouth are light emerald green. 
Fishing with Teddy of Lucid Grips was a blast (even though he out-fished me two to zero). He is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, I am very thankful for the fishing community that brought us together. He got this little Fox river smallie on a chartreuse streamer right near the discharge. He is getting pretty good with that fly rod.
My niece is turning out to be an amazing person herself. She has a love of nature and the outdoors that I see in myself. Getting to fish with her was a great.
Ed, the Four Season Angler, is not only a great rod builder and great fishermen but one of the nicest guys I have met. I feel privileged just to know him. Between working two jobs, raising his kids, building rods, brewing beer, and helping his wife out around the house he took the time and energy to take me and my dad out fishing. My dad is still talking about the fish Ed put him on. Plus Ed brought some of the great rods he built and they did their job well. Pulling in the bass that smashed out Stankx soft plastic baits. I did well with a jig tipped with a Stankx Sidekick, and Ed slayed them on camo colored Stankx Stix. I also got to meet Nick AKA Brookfieldangler for the first time in person. We have bantered back and forth online but never fished together. It was a pleasure fishing with him, I just with we had more time. 
It was sad leaving the place I grew up, having to fly to the place I am about to raise a family. The biggest thing this trip did for me was put things into perspective by showing me the importance of family in a way one can not see until they go back home after a long time away.

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  1. Looks like a fun road trip! Great times, great folks, great fish!

    1. It was a blast, thanks for reading and commenting Drew. By the way those were some good tips you gave in the latest Kayak Angler.


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