Monday, September 2, 2013

My Lures Work! Kayak Fishing at Leffingwell Landing.

My arsenal
         The best part about designing lures or modifying existing lures for your own use is the satisfaction of catching fish on them. I designed the Polli-Minner in my living room one day because I wanted something that wasn't on the market. Originally it was supposed to be more eel-like, but ended up being more tadpole-like.  Casting a Wild Eye Goby as a baby ling imitation just seemed right to me. After many nights of pouring different colors I was chomping at the bit to try them out. Sunday morning I was able to test out my new lures and see what colors the fish like. 

The first fish of the way was a kelp greenling that hit the metallic green baby ling. 
The brown rock fish liked the babylings as well. 
It was an amazing day to be on the water. It was awesome getting out with Mike, Amy, Tim, Cory, Andrew, Kory, and Micheal. It was a beautiful day and about the easiest surf launch and landing I have ever had.  
I got my first vermilion on on a dark blue Polli-minner.  
The beauty of the bait is the subtle action combined with the large profile. Despite the large profile the tail is soft and thin enough most fish can get it in their mouths.
This is a tree rockfish--my dad always joked about hooking tree fish, but these are not what he was talking about. 
I got snagged on a rock as a seal was getting up nerve to get closer to me. I gave the rod a good jerk and my pole snapped. The crack scared the seal away... or was it my swearing? either way he was gone, and the funny thing is when I grabbed the line to cut it the rig was free. I grabbed the other set up I had, a medium action trolling rod with a spinning reel and 10lb test Fireline. I had three fish that snapped the line before I got the drag set right on the cheap reel, including a large ling I got almost to the surface until he torpedoed to the bottom. 
I did manage to find a school of browns that really liked the baby lings though. 
My last fish of the day was this small kelp greenling. They are beautiful little fish and great lingcod bait. I just wish I had more time to try him out. 
The swell was so tame I could have come in sideways if I wanted. It was a great day to go out and catching fish on lures I made made it even better. 
I ended up catching around twenty fish in total mostly small coppers, browns and blues and taking home nine fish for the freezer. I filleted the greenling and pan fried in coated in panko crumbs in butter, the wife thought it was really tasty.  

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Check out how I made these lures in the links below.


  1. Good to see the lures worked. Looks like you killed them!

    1. They did do well, and now I thinnk I understand more of what they like so I have a few more ideas to test--It never ends.

  2. Hey Daniel. Kind of like making a custom fly and having it work. Nice going.

    1. Thanks Mark. Getting them past the concept stage is tricky but rewarding for sure. I'd love to see what flies you have come up with over the years myself. :D

  3. Beautiful photography Dan. I really enjoyed this post.. I was hoping to join you guys out there that day but I had a gig down in Los Alamos. Must have been very rewarding catching those rockies with your own pour..

    very interesting baits.. I can see why they work.
    good on ya..

    keep on keeping on..

    p.s. let me know when the Polli Minner goes on sale and I will grab some for my tackle box..

    1. Selling stuff has no appeal to me, but I will pour you a few. :D

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