Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lake Kaweah is Looking Pretty Low.

             I woke up at five in the morning and quietly got ready as to not disturb my sleeping wife. I was excited to get on the water. The last time I fished was at the Cambria Slam Down in September. To say I was eager to catch a fish would have been an understatement. I am fairly certain with the upcoming birth of my son this will be one of my last fishing trips of the year. I was unloaded and on the water by sunrise.

             I just can not get used to the crazy amount of fluctuation the water levels go through over the course of a year. The first time I fished Kaweah I caught fish in rocks that are now fifty yards or more out of the water! How the fish deal with this I will never know. It is handy seeing the structure first hand with the water low. These California reservoirs are so much different than the ponds and lakes I fished in Illinois. It is a whole new kind of fishing when there is no vegetation for the bass to hide in.  

           I my friend, Caleb, arrived at about 0730. I switched between a dropshot and jig for at least two hours before I even got a nibble. Caleb had a hit on his dropshotted Robo Worm on the second cast. The green and brown robo worm proved to be the hot bait.

There was not a cloud in the sky. The water was murky with sediment reducing visibility to about three feet. 
       I must say I did have a blast watching Caleb catching fish. He gave me two robo worms and I got hits right away. The problem is the little spotted bass go airborne and throw the hooks so easy. I lost one a few feet form the kayak and had one hit just as I was bringing the bait out of the water. The problem was I lost the two worms he gave me leaving him with one worm. I am not about to take the last bait just to loose it. Caleb ended up with five or six total. I got the skunk.  
                 I figured if I wasn't catching fish at least I could try to add some karma points by cleaning up the place. I grabbed beer cans and bottles when convenient, as well as any fishing line or lure I could grab. I even found a anchor that appeared to have gotten tangled in a submerged tree when the water was much higher. I ended up with four soft plastic swimbaits, five light colored brush hawgs, three Senkos, a bee man, a Spro crankbait, and a whole lot of fishing line. So at least I did not paddle away empty handed.

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  1. You do find a lot of cool stuff when the water is that low. Based on it being a Corp of Engineers lake, the water is probably for the farmers in the valley. New Melones is the same way being a Bureau of Reclamation lake. Melones is lower than I've ever seen it.

    1. Yup. The lack of rain and snow last years is really screwing up the valley. Hopefully it storms good this year.

  2. I was up in Redding the other day. Shasta Lake is pretty much non-existant. We saw stream beds where there should be 75' of water under I-5.
    Sad to hear Kaweah isn't fairing much better

    1. The whole west coast is taking a beating. Too bad we couldn't have taken that rain that got dumped on Colorado.

  3. I have always been curious: when dropshotting from a Kayak do you use a depth finder?


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