Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lucid Fishing Grips.

Proof of Teddy Wozny kicking my butt at catching smallies on the Fox river.
           I have been meaning to write a review for Lucid Grips for a while now, but with all the the recent events in my life I just have not had the time. They are a great product, and have really saved my hands form a lot of pokes and cuts form the fish I catch along California's central coast. I met Teddy Wozny on a Chicago fishing forum and form the start he was a stand up kind of guy. I liked him and he wanted to learn about fishing so I helped him the best I could. I gave him honest feedback and tips about different species.

            I had no idea how quickly he would become an expert angler himself. He started hitting the local rivers often and landed giant tarpon off Grand  Cayman Island, the guy was totally hooked. A complete fishing fanatic, addicted with no hope or want for recovery. He started Lucid fishing with his father in law he had a plan to sell quality fishing grips that people he fished with could actually afford. I got the first prototype I really liked the quality and performance they offered.  There are several grips in the same price range but they just do not have the same feel as these had. A lot of the cheaper grips also tend to lack the swiveling head that is a necessity when trying to get a shark, northern pike or ling cod under control without ripping their lips off.The only thing I told him to change was the color of the handle. I still use my black prototype Lucid grips.

        Fishing for fish with teeth can get tricky in a kayak. Nets tangle in everything, gaffs are only legal in saltwater and only with fish you plan to keep, and cheap grips can hurt fish. There has been talk in the past about grips damaging fish. Nick "Brookfield Angler" Doumel wrote a pretty convincing article about the subject on his blog. The point is they are tools and if used correctly greatly reduce the chances of the fisherman or the fish getting hurt.

Teddy is my friend and gave me these grips,but I can say I would buy they if I didn't know him. They are a great product I do not leave home when I go on the ocean. They have saved my hands many cuts and pricks in the last couple of years using them. Teddy it is an honor to be your friend I stand behind you and your product.

Check out the sale, one 30lb grip and a dry bag for $55.24 just in time for Christmas.

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Read Nick's post about Grips: http://www.brookfieldangler.com/2013/12/fishing-grips-are-they-really-that-bad.html

Check out Lucid Fishing .com: https://www.lucidfishing.com/


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