Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kings River Report January 2014

                 I hadn't driven down near the weir I used to fish in almost a year. I knew the water on the Kings river was low but I figured there would be a pool towards the end of the stretch that runs through Lemoore. Driving down the dirt road to along the river it became apparent it was not going to be a good trip. I was told the fish would be concentrated, but it was not so. The water was clear and about a foot deep. The mud bottom was visible and there were no fish to be found, not even a dead carp. The birds must have had their fill.  
South Branch Kings River January 2014
To give you an idea of how bad things are this next photo was taken February two years ago about twenty yards down river and twenty feet closer to the bank.
Kings River February 2012
Even the mistletoe in the trees is dead, none of the plants are active. This is a part of the country where it is greener in the winter then in the summer.
The weir back when there was water
The structure I was stepping over to get ten yards closer to the shallow fish-less water held bass. It is hard to believe the fishery will bounce back any time in the next year even if we start to get snow in the mountains and rain in the foot hills.
At this point the wood slats are pointless
We Fished the water on the other side of the weir, but quit after an hour because we didn't get a nibble. The water was on lower than normal on the other side, but there was still some. So hopefully the fish were able to make it through.
Will this guy get to grow any bigger? 
The whole place seemed dead. The tules were brittle and breaking off and even the trees seemed to be suffering. I just hope the larger fish somehow found their way to safe water and did not end up on a plate or ripped apart by birds and other scavengers.
Six pound bass caught on the Kings River March 2012
But for now at least I can see the structure on the river bed...
Kings river bed

Thanks for reading, please pray fro rain.



  1. They are saying this is the worst drought in 500 years. Very sad.

  2. It is just not looking good for this year.

  3. Tough times, Daniel, for sure. It looks like you guys will be really challenged and have to be very flexible in planning your fishing trips.

    1. Sadly it means less fishing trips.

  4. I'll do a little rain dance for you all

    hope this turns around quickly

    1. Watch out Blake, you don't need any more near you. :D

  5. Nice fish, even considering the tough conditions!

    1. Those fish came from better times from the same area the dry photos were taken.

  6. Oh man, that's sad! The effects of this drought are devastating. We REALLY need some rain!


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