Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Surf Fishing San Simeon

          My mother in law is in town and my wife wanted to show her the coast. My wife figured I'd be happy fishing leaving her and her mother to wonder beaches and coastal gift shops. The tide was low which is bad for surf fishing but it was not about catching. It was about enjoying the beach and relaxing. Lucky for me my friend Willy was able to drive out and join me on the water. 
Before Willy got there I found my first ever sand dollar. I was surprised it was there because it wasn't hidden or anything and about ten people walked right past it beach combing.
We were using Gulp sand worms with an ounce of weight. It was hard getting the bait past the breakers with the low tide. We got sick of fighting the surf and headed to the pier for some more comfort.  I ended the day with a break off. Willy ended up with two barred surf perch. Hopefully the next time I am able to get out the tide cooperates.
Not the best day on the water ever, but it was a welcome break from the normal routine. The best part of the day was I got to fish with my friend and catch up on what is going on.

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  1. sure cant the scenery though, brings new meaning to the saying "big pond".

    guess your a salty dog now

    1. Yeah. Dan, that's some might nice looking scenery there.

      As for the sand dollar...those are so 2013.

    2. It is beautiful. Beats the valley where everything is dying from drought.

  2. Like you I would take a day of fishing any day over visiting the shops…

  3. Dan
    Beautiful area you guys were fishing, I hope you kept the sand dollar, extra nice!!! Thanks for sharing

    1. I gave the sand dollar to my wife. Now I just need to find a sand 50 or 100. :D


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