Friday, February 7, 2014

What's a Tumblr?


        Photos at times can say more than words. An interesting photo can share an experience, catch someone's interest, and even invoke deep emotion. Photos have the power to condense chapters into paragraphs, and say some things without words at all. Taking photos of nature is a hobby of mine that drew me into blogging. I started out on fishing forums and realized I could share a blog with more people than just the folks on the forum. The problem was I still had photos I couldn't find room for int he blog that I wanted to share. Some went to Facebook, but posting old photos seemed to it undermine what I was posting about my blog. The solution ended up being Tumblr.

            I want to get it out of the way and say I am not sponsored, paid, or otherwise associated with Tumblr in any way and am writing this to share a web site I use and enjoy. Tumblr is a micro blogging site where a user can subscribes to as many blogs as they wish.The posts show up in the user's feed. The Feed is infinite, meaning there is no page navigation, you can just scroll down for hours viewing, commenting, and even reblogging other user's posts. Some blogs focus on specific genres like vintage fishing pictures
Some blogs focus on ocean life.

Some bloggers you might already follow have blogs on Tumblr Like Arizona Wondering.
     Chris of CB Fishes has two blogs

             Now just so you are not shocked Tumblr is on the internet and there is porn on the site, but that does not make it a porn site. I personally choose to not follow blogs that post porn because there is enough of that on the internet as it is. Tumblr has very little regulation (unlike other popular social media sites) and only chooses to regulate cyber bullying. The fact is for that little bad there is on the site there is a lot of good. 

            As a blogger I like sharing my photos with people who want to see original outdoor photos. I also like the chance to spread the word about my blog, and stumble upon other blogs that interest me. If any of this interests you get signed up for a free account, check out my tumblr blog and the others I mentioned and see how you like it. Even if you don't want to sign up you can still look at the blog pages and check them out, so there is nothing to loose. If you have a Tumblr leave the address in the comments so I can check it out. 

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  1. Nice description Dan.

    Here's mine:

    1. Jeff, you guys post some great stuff. I am so adding you to my roll. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I used to be on tumblr but not anymore. I will check in on it from time to time! Glad you're posting up pictures, I enjoy your photography!


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