Thursday, March 27, 2014

200,000 Hits!

I am sure it is mostly spam-bots but 200,000 hits is still a milestone. 


Considering I just hit 100k back in July, I don't think my blog is doing too bad traffic wise. I try to not put importance in numbers but it is still exciting to see that the numbers continue to grow. 

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Joe Koenig "Bleed Like You Bleed" Kickstarter

 Left to Right: Ryan Howell of CCKF and Joe Koenig showing off two nice Pacific white sea bass. Photo via Ryan Howell.
Joe and his son Les
       Last year I wrote about Joe Koenig. The man has to be one of the nicest most open people I have ever met. He is a devoted father, great fishermen, one hell of a guitar player, a great vocalist, and he'd do just about anything for a friend--or a stranger for that. He gave me his first album, Somethin' Concrete, back in May of 2013 and it stayed in my CD player on repeat for almost three months before I decided to give it a rest. "Attack of the Hand" is one of my favorite songs, period. His voice has a rough edge that is balanced perfectly by his guitar playing. More of a soulful singer songwriter than a country singer or rock artist, his style is what it is--real and raw. He is currently in the studio recording a new album and recording is not cheap.
       For those of you not familure with Kickstarter, it is home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of projects, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you. Since our launch in 2009,5.8 million people have pledged $1 billion, funding58,000 creative projects. Thousands of creative projects are raising funds on Kickstarter right now. Kickstarter allows the people who make stuff fund their projects straight from the public. 

            The best part of this process is you can donate a lot and get some cool perks, like a private concert, or you can just donate $10 and get a digitel copy of the album when it is ready. There are other perks like seats at a private release party, tee-shirts, and even beer coozies. But the cool part abotu this is every little bit helps. I'm not getting paid to write this, I already donated to I could get the physical album. I think Jo is a great guy that writes great tunes and that is something I want to support and promote. Even if you aren't going to donate, check out one of the new tracks, "Wheels."

Joe with a pair of big reds

           Thanks for reading this. I hope you liked the music. I really want to see this album get made the way Joe wants it to get made. $10 is not that much for an album. I have heard a few of songs that are going to be on the album while sitting around the camp fire and can tell you they are something special.  Plus once he gets it made he should have some open time to go fishing with me. Even if you decided not to donate thanks for reading and checking out Joe's music.


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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Winter Storm Surge Damages California Piers

           Growing up in the Midwest my first fishing experience was bluegill fishing with crickets in a pond, but for kids growing up on the California coast their first experience is usually a public fishing pier. My first salt water experience was on a Washington state pier crabbing and catching fish off the wooden deck. California public piers are massive by comparison. They stretch hundreds of feet into the water past the breakers and suspend high above the water. Most are open twenty-four hours a day and do not require a fishermen to have a license. They let you get the first taste for free. Many people who never were afforded the opportunity to fish as kids, unwilling to pay fifty dollars for a license, fish for the first time as adults on public piers. 
The first saltwater fish I caught as a non military California Resident on Cayucos Pier 
            In July last year I was saddened to hear Cayucos pier was found to be unstable and closed indefinitely. When I moved to Central California in 2011 Cayucos pier was the first spot on the coast I fished, and the first place I caught fish as a California resident. I spent a month and a half shore fishing San Diego four years before that, but this was special because it indicated things to come. In my short year as a foster parent I got all three of my foster children to catch fish on Cayucos and San Simeon pier. In the short time I have lived here I have made some good memories there. With an estimated $2,000,000 to rebuild the pier it is not going to be open for fishing anytime soon.  A charity has been setup at in attempt to raise the funds to help save the pier. 

               When piers are damaged it can take some time for them to be repaired. “Gaviota Pier, a 529-foot pier, dates back to 1943 when the Navy first built it as a 420-foot crash boat pier. El NiƱo storms in 1998 damaged the pier, and it was not reopened fully until May 2000”. Which is why it is so tragic to hear about Gaviota Pier being severely damaged by the storm surge we had last week. 
Recent storms that damaged the Goleta Pier, above, and other facilities are likely to be part of the discussion of Goleta Beach Park’s future when the county Board of Supervisors discusses the matter on March 18. (Gina Potthoff / Noozhawk photo)
        To give you an idea of how powerful this storm was check out this footage taken by Andrew Harmer at Pismo Beach. It is amazing more people did not get hurt.   

           Goleta and Avila piers were also damaged but the must harm came to Gaviota pier in Santa Barbra County.

At least not that many people were hurt. Let's hope the remaining piers stay stong and are hear long enough for others to enjoy.

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