Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An Ode to Kayak Fishing

The editor of Kayak Angler Magazine issued a challenge to list the things its readers love about kayak fishing from A to Z back in August. Apparently they were looking for gear and more elaborated ideas--I thought they were looking for personal lists and took on the challenge head on.  Here is what I came up with.

I love kayak fishing because of the…
Addictive feeling of hooking into a fish while sitting in a little plastic boat.
Bliss of quietly gliding through the water while the other boats sit at the dock.
Confidence built after coming out on top after a rough surf launch.
Difficult to get to places only kayak and fish can go.
Efficiency of fishing on a kayak.
Fish that run so hard it turns the whole kayak around.
Grin on the face of a friend who just caught his first fish in a kayak.
Happiness it brings me.   
Innovations kayaks bring to the sport of fishing.
Journeys it leads me to.
Kind people you meet on forums and at the water’s edge at five AM just to go enjoy the sport.
Love of fishing.
Meet-ups and gatherings local kayak anglers have.
New Friends I made becoming an active kayak fishermen.
Old Friends I have introduced to the sport.
Plethora of rigging options available. It never ends...   
Quality it adds to my fishing experience. So quiet without a motor. 
Rewards that come with being passionate about something.  
Stable platform a kayak provides for fishing.
Time spent doing what I love.
Utter excitement of crashing through the waves on a launch and coasting in on the landing.
View of the land as it drifts further and further away.
Water--whether it is clear, stained, muddy, fresh or brackish I love it all just the same.
Xmas morning feeling I get the day of a big trip. It can be hard to fall asleep the night before.   
Yank at the end of the line after the first cast to a spot I feel is fishy.
Zany things that only happen to kayak fishermen (ask any kayak fishermen about something weird that happened on the water. I haven't met a kayak angler without at least one crazy story yet.) 

If this doesn't make sense to you than you have not caught a fish off a little plastic boat. Only one more month and rockfish season opens up on California's central coast!

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Good stuff, man! I cannot wait to get a kayak for some of the reasons you listed. D - P - T - and V.

    1. I have a few forum members out here who fish for rockfish with fly rods. Hooking into a lake Michigan steelhead on a 5wt rod in a kayak sounds like a blast.

  2. Wow, might have to do that for the Float Tube Cumberland. Can't believe, after all this time, that I didn't put myself as a follower. Error corrected.

  3. I fall into the category of not catching a fish from a little plastic boat, but i do understand this post

    i feel the same thing about wade fishing

    a wonderful tribute


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