Saturday, May 31, 2014

Simple and Quick Crawdad Modification

          When I first saw the Stankx Bait Co. NXT LvL Craw I thought it was missing something. The little guy looked more like Zoidberg from Futurama than a crayfish.  It shares the same problem many crayfish, crawdad, crawbug, yabbie, mudbug, or what ever you want to call them baits have. There is no antennae. The antennae are impotent organ to the crawfish. So to get a more realistic crayfish you just need to add your own.


I used Peacock Herl, a needle, super glue, and a pair of scissors to modify my baits. Just thread the needle with the herl and stick it where the antennae go.


Pull the herl until it is the length you want, then pull it a little shorter, cut, add a dab of glue and pull it back to the length you wanted it.


It looks good on about any soft plastic crayfish body you can think of.


I couldn't find a bait I didn't like it on.


It makes the NXT LvL Craw look less like an alien and more like something that lives in a pond or stream.


But it looks even better in the water.

On the craw-chunk the herl adds a subtle movement when the jig is at rest on the bottom.


The hurl, while not being very durable, looks awesome in the water.

Once I showed Travis, owner/master bait pourer, he decided to add a little extra to all of his NXT LvL Craws.

          I know some of you may be thinking "Who is this guy saying he came up with this?" I am aware many people have done this in the past. About every crayfish fly you see has feelers on it. This is just one way to do it. There are many ways to modify baits and it is hard to come across something someone else hasn't already done, but it is not a common practice in bass fishing. I believe I even read the tip in a Bass Master article sometime in the past year about using monofiliment line to supplement antenna.

         I just hope this inspires a few people to do more than thread a bait on a hook, and hopefully it will mean another bass or two for them. I like how the peacock herl reflects light and sits weightless under water, but feel free to try other materials. Living rubber from the skirt of a old rusty jig would work, as would some braid fishing line. The options are only limited to what you have at your disposal.

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  1. Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. You're right about the soft, plastic, crayfish needing the antenna. They look much better with them.


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