Friday, June 20, 2014

The Kings Puddle is Drying up in Lemoore

Stopped by after work and there is even less water than I thought there would be. It seems like it is really starting to pick up.


 I wonder when the main puddle under the Jackson Ave. bridge will finally dry up.


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Monday, June 16, 2014

Got a New Camera

My old TG-310 Tough and my new WG-20 Ricoh
         My Olympus has been a great camera. It has survived many things you wouldn't want to try with normal cameras and lived up to its Tough name, but it was getting old. Last trip I made to the upper kings I tried to take a picture of a trout by holding the camera underwater. Sadly the fish swam away and I didn't get the shot. When I got home I tried to take one more picture and it would not focus. The lens was clouded with condensation, and that is a bad sign seeing as the lens is sealed. It won't be too long before water gets in and the camera fails. Its days are numbered.

Caleb launching into Muddy Pond off the San Joaquin river
            I first saw it at Target and thought it looked pretty good. The reviews were good and even Kayak Kevin Whitley posted on Facebook he was looking at it. My wife noticed me drooling over it and took note. Being the lucky man with a good wife that I am I got this new camera to celebrate my very first Father's day. (I love my wife) She even made sure I got it in time to go fishing with my buddy on the San Joaquin out of Sycamore Island in Madera, Ca.

Cattails on Muddy Pond
        The camera seems to take decent pictures. I did edit these a bit and crop them but I did not have to do much to make them pop. We only had a few hits all morning. I was set on fishing a mud-hole of a lake so after a few hours on the river and in the quarry ponds connected to it we moved into a shallow muddy pond and continued to get skunked.

Cephalanthus occidentalis var. californicus – California Button-willow.
Saw some cool flowers I have never seen before. The camera seems to take good Macro shots. This shot turned out better than I expected seeing the kayak was moving as I was taking it.


           I wish I took this shot before zooming and after. The digital zoom doesn't appear to suck too bad on this camera at all. I think this camera might just be a winner. Took bad the fish were tight lipped. It was a bad day for fishing but with the breeze great day to get out and enjoy the river.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

This is Getting Depressing...Fish Kill on the Kings River

           The drought has really been cramping my style. When I first got out to California the Kings river in Lemoore was a honey hole. Tons of bass, the water was enough to cool your feet off in, and by just going around the bend I felt like I was a million miles away. The water stopped flowing and the river started dropping sometime last year and the fishing started sucking. They have let water down from time to time, but it is mostly a chain of puddles around Lemoore, California. The only thing I could see swimming around, and the water was no deeper than a foot anywhere, was carp so I figured I'd take out the 6wt and try my hand at fly fishing freshwater bonefish (as they are called).

          On the drive home today I stopped by my spot and was horrified...

Nothing but stale water and dead fish
Last spring John boats couldn't get under that bridge
There were a few fish circling but for the most part it does not look, or smell, good. There were tons of flies and the swallows were swarming them. Sadly it was not worth cleaning the gear to catch an over sized goldfish in this nasty water. I shot some footage to show just how bad it is. 

          So I guess that means no carp on the fly for me. Rumor is they are letting water down July twentieth, but I don't know what good that is going to do. I guess I will just have to figure out something new.

One fish, two fish, dead fish, ew fish.
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