Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kayak Fishing Off Montana De Oro.

         It was a busy week, but I got the paper due Sunday night on Friday and from reading the surf report I knew it was going to be an awesome day. My buddy Willy informed me he was going to fish from Spooner's Cove in Montan De Oro State Park with his father. Just to be there at 0600 I had to pack the truck the night before and head out at 0345. Along the way I ran into another member from www.Centralcoastkayakfishing.com and pulling up the the parking lot we could see the surf was mellow and it was going to be calm seas for us. I got on the water before Willy and his dad so I turned on the fishfinder and set up my rig. In about twenty feet of water I saw a fer rocks and a mark so I dropped down and caught a short lingcod. I let it go and shorty after Willy and his dad made it my way. As we were working our way out to the deeper reefs my fish finder died, so I sm not sure what structure, or depth I was fishing, but most of the botom felt rocky and the fish were biting.

I was using a jigging iron with a soft plastic bait as a teaser, this little gopher could not resist the iron.

This China rock fish was beautifully mottled 

This kelp rock fish liked my poliminner

Even with half its tail missing 

I got my first double involving a lingcod 

Caught a twenty inch cabezon 

The vermilion seem to like the Poliminner as well 

I ended up with a nice stringer 

Willy making his landing

  RIMG0087_EWilly's stringer 

 RIMG0088_E His dad's stringer

RIMG0090_E My stringer

      It was nice getting out of the sweltering valley and feeling the cool coastal breeze. I wound up catching four ling cod, three cabezon, one red vermilion, one kelp rock fish, one treefish, seven gophers rockfish, and one China rock fish. I can't ask for much more. The other nice thing is I only lost one jig and used three soft plastic baits total. That is not a bad rate if you ask me. 

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  1. Dude you have so many cool fishes out there!!!

  2. Next month at HBSB, if I catch anything (and all will released, but photographed) I'm coming to you to tell me what they are. I'm going to be waaay out of my element.

    1. I am getting much better at species ID. I hope you crush them out there.

  3. Dude, that is sick! I have been ocean fishing twice and no takers. It's another game out there! Great job, brotha!

  4. Nice stringer, and I bet those turned out to be pretty tasty! JGR

  5. Those Rockfish are pretty bad ass looking! Makes me jealous and envious of some salt water fishing. Can't beat the fight in those little guys.

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  7. I'm going up there this week camping for a few days . I'll be shore fishing, I was told by a local there are steelhead fish in the area, just wondering if heard of anything .

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