Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Great-Grandfather's Flies: Part II

          One of the few things I have of my great-grandfather's is his metal tackle box. There was the assortment of spoons you'd expect in a mid-western tackle box of the time, but my great-grandfather also fly fished. There were a few other strange flies, but I am not sure if they are flies or ice fishing lures.  What do you think?


This could be a weighted fly or an ice fishing jig/spoon.


Still shiny after all these years.


Looks like a good Cheetos imitation to me.


Whether they are flies or ice fishing lures I bet they were for pan fish. Shell-crackers love Cheetos.

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  1. Daniel
    I would say some of those lures were used to fish for pike. I would have to frame those in a shadowbox to display. I know you treasure all of them. Thanks for sharing

    1. I am sure the spoons were for pike, musky and, bass. But those two had to be for pan fish.

  2. Could be lures, could be used in fly fishing deeper water, should we call them "Flyures".

  3. Haha I like that, Mel..."Flyures"

    I haven't a clue what their intended use is for. I bet they caught some fish, though! If I had to only choose one...I would say ice jigs.


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