Saturday, May 9, 2015

Biking to Work.

         For the past month and a half or so I have been biking into work. I live too far to bike directly into my office, and it would be impractical to ride my son on my bike the 26 miles to his daycare on base, so I am dropping him off and riding in from the main base at NAS Lemoore to Operation side.

The trail I ride is five miles as the crow flies an a rocky dry dirt roads for the most part. I tend to make the eight and a half mile trip between thirty and forty minutes. I try to get three days a week. Doing more is a little much for me. It is nice doing something active twice a day.

           I manage to put around 50 miles per week in on my Fuji Outland Disc. I was having problems with tires popping, but slime tires and plastic tube protectors have really been working well for me. I need to replace the things that strap my bike down to the Thule bike rack. They keep falling off on the highway.

       Only a week left of school and I will have my bachelors. The temp is starting to raise and I am busy, but at least the pool is looking good.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beard Trims and Hummingbird Moths

               A few weeks ago I had a visitor in the house. A Spinx moth flew in the house and really startled us. The funny thing was it kept dive bombing me hitting me in the head and the face like he was drunk and wanted to fight. Then as fast as he came he was gone. The next morning I heard a buzzing and the moth was attempting to go out a closed window so I snapped a picture.

        The other day on my way out the door I noticed another moth near my front door light so I snapped a picture. I have been seeing a lot of them recently. I think the climbing jasmine I planted in the front yard. They are such cool bugs. 

            On a less buggy note, I got a trim and shaved my beard. I spent the past six months growing my beard out for Whiskers for Wounded Warriors a non-profit bringing awareness and support to our wounded warriors.  Check them out on Facebook

The beard was a little much, so after much protect from my wife I trimmed it down. 

Thanks for reading, and please check out Whiskers of Wounded Warriors.