Saturday, May 9, 2015

Biking to Work.

         For the past month and a half or so I have been biking into work. I live too far to bike directly into my office, and it would be impractical to ride my son on my bike the 26 miles to his daycare on base, so I am dropping him off and riding in from the main base at NAS Lemoore to Operation side.

The trail I ride is five miles as the crow flies an a rocky dry dirt roads for the most part. I tend to make the eight and a half mile trip between thirty and forty minutes. I try to get three days a week. Doing more is a little much for me. It is nice doing something active twice a day.

           I manage to put around 50 miles per week in on my Fuji Outland Disc. I was having problems with tires popping, but slime tires and plastic tube protectors have really been working well for me. I need to replace the things that strap my bike down to the Thule bike rack. They keep falling off on the highway.

       Only a week left of school and I will have my bachelors. The temp is starting to raise and I am busy, but at least the pool is looking good.

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  1. I bet that pool looks even better after a day of riding the bike and work.

    1. It is starting to get warmer. The pool is looking better and better.


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