Sunday, July 19, 2015


             It has been hard to write. I love writing and I love the outdoors and I haven't had as much of either over the past few months. The biggest problem for me is my brain crack addiction. If you don't understand what brain crack is watch this video.

           I am an addict. I come up with ideas about what to write and then just don't do it so I become over whelmed with all these ideas for what I want to write. I have folders with pictures to upload and post. Story ideas and other projects. It piles up and when I do sit down to write the wife needs something or my son gets all clingy and wants to stick to me like Velcro.

          I don't feel a need to share every thought I have, and like minded people reading and liking what I wrote is strictly a bonus. This is no apology for not writing, but a a challenge to myself to keep writing. Being strapped for cash, in the middle of a drought that has severely hindered the amount of time I can get on the water, and personal obligations I am overwhelmed, but the best way to get over this is to face it straight on and keep doing what I love.

I plan on making a bunch of posts to get rid of my brain crack over the next month when I get the time so they might be right on top of each other.

I hope you enjoy them and if you don't they are for me anyway so just go somewhere else



  1. I have no good excuse. The time sucking thing that has gotten me lately is video games. I recently bought a Xbox 1 and the games take forever to accomplish anything.

    1. I bet if I had a Wii U and hat new Mario game I'd never get anything done.


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