Monday, July 20, 2015

My FSA Custom Rod


       So my amazing wife figured out the perfect gift for my birthday last November. She got a hold of my buddy Ed Schmitt, who builds some sick custom rods, to make me something special. The Diawa Lexa spinning reel paired with it is sooth and has a nice smooth drag. The reel is spooled up with Nanofil and the thing casts a mile.


The rod features a Batson Rainshadow Immortal IMMS610MXF 6'10" blank, Fuji K series Alconite micro guides, and a Fuji SK2 reel seat. Ed also lathed some beautiful custom grips using cork with cherry and burl wood as accents. 

Photo by Ed Schmitt

Ed really went above and beyond to make this thing beautiful. It is a real work of art.

Photo by Ed Schmitt

You would think the hardwood would be hard on the hands, but the rod is light, plus the wood accents are not is places the hand comes in contact with often.


The tiger wrap is stunning and photos and video do not truly do it justice.

I could sit and stare at it for hours.

To protect this beautiful build I ordered a Rod Condom sleeve and am very happy with it. The price was awesome, shipping was under a buck and it arrived quickly. Not to mention it is a veteran owned American company. You should check them out.


I took it out to the upper Kings River back in late November. I tried throwing spinners and a bubble fly but nothing was biting.


At least it is a pretty place to get skunked.


Unless you count this giant crayfish my buddy spotted and I pulled out of the water.

Tight Lines,


Check out these guys.

FSA Custom Rods:

The Rod Condom:


  1. Hey Dan. Good to see you back. Awesome rod. Kind of a mesmerizing wrap. Your wife did good.

    1. Ed does some great work. His rods handle fish well too.

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