Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's a Boy!

Thing have been busy. We have to get the crib ready for the new baby so I built my son his first big kid bed.

He seems to like it a lot. Just screwed and glued 2x10 lengths of Douglas fir together with deck screws. The headboard is joined with dowels.

It is sturdy, high enough to change the sheets without wrenching your back, and he seems to have no problems sleeping in it. I finished it with a mixture of Minwax early American. and dark walnut. I used three light coats of clear spray liquor and buffed it out with clear wax.

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Friday, August 14, 2015


My wife is expecting again. I might be a fishermen, but I am a father first.

She is 19 weeks along and we just found out the gender. What do you think?

Boy or Girl? 

Comment what you think it is.

Stay tuned for the gender

Tight lines

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Aqueduct Baptism

            I met Rick on the Central Coast Kayak Fishing Forum over a year and a half ago. We just never got a chance to fish together though. The funny thing is he works on the same base I do practically the next building over. Things just didn't pan out until about the second week of June when I Facebooked him to see if he wanted to hit the aqueduct with me. Things were fairly uneventful. The area near the locks was loaded with people fishing for cats and stripers, but we didn't see any boils.

            After about half an hour of fan casting we decided to move. One of the strategies on the duct is to look for boils of fish attacking bait and casting into it. I like it because it is active fishing and you get to cover a lot of water. When we saw activity on the surface we started casting. Finally near a bridge I hooked into a small one. I didn't want to let it flop on the concrete so I stepped closer to grab him and my foot slipped on some algae. The water level dropped leaving the concrete bank lined with slick green goo.

           I slowly slid into the water. I couldn't believe how long it took. I was up to my knees, waist, and finally when I was chest deep in the water I became neutrally buoyant. I wasn't going any further, but I couldn't get up the bank either. Rick kept telling me to climb out but I was stuck. I eventually managed to grab his arm and he pulled me back on the bank. I was just glad I didn't lose the rod. It was the custom rod my wife had made for me. Losing that would have sucked. I reeled in a little and to my surprise the fish was still on. I may have been soaked, but I still got the fish.


               Right after that we got a visit from the game warden, and it was funny seeing his face when I pulled out my dripping wet wallet. I got wet and killed my cell phone, but I got a laugh and a story out of it. As far as I see it, I couldn't ask for more it could be worse.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kings River Report

      In case any of you are wondering how the Kings river is flowing near me...


        It looks like quads, bikes and trucks can flow fairly well. At least if we ever do get water there will be tons of cover for fry to eat and hide in.

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